New Project, Finished Project and more.

Ah, I have missed blogging. And I have so many things to share.
I went shopping durring lunch on Thursday and found this wonderful basket that is just perfect for my needlerolls. Ok, I only have two needlerolls so far, but I am almost done with the third and then I will get one through the needleroll exchange in my LiveJournal Community. And my biscornus also look great in it. So does the pinkeep that I got from Hannah. I am going to buy another one of these so that I can have an extra one once this one gets full.

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I also bought seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Little Britain! Woohoo!

I also finished a scissor fob for my friend Ágústa. She is always making me socks (note to self, need to share pictures of the other two pairs she knitted me) and is all in all a wonderful person and I wanted to cheer her up a bit because she has been having a rough time lately. I am going to make another one of these for me. I just love how it turned out. I made the cording and tassel myself. They are so much fun to make and I am getting the hang of them.


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Cheery Blossoms Scissor Fob by The Sweetheart Tree
Stitched with the recommended threads on 32ct Raw Opalescent Belfast Linen

Yesterday after work I went to Ágústas and made dinner for us. My famous tuna pasta YUMM! Rósa joined us for a little stitching after dinner.
While there I started French Country Rooster by JBW Designs.

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Ágústa gave me the chart for The Drawn Thread’s Generosity. I fell in love with it when she stitched it some time ago and have wanted it ever since. I was browsing her stash and found it and she said I could keep it! Thank you so much Ágústa! I love it!

It is 1pm on a Saturday afternoon and I am at work. I better get to it then! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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11 responses to “New Project, Finished Project and more.

  1. KarenV

    What a cute basket!

    Love the fob, it’s so pretty. Your start on the rooster is great too!

  2. Vá,vá,vá!!!
    Karfan er ææææði! Verð að fá mér svona… spurning hvort ég láti eina nægja 😉
    Fobinn er geðveikur sko… verð að fá munstrið lánað hjá þér einhvern tímann!!!
    Haninn er náttla bara flottastur sko.. og litirnir mun flottari in RL.
    Takk fyrir gærkveldið.. vildi að ég hefði getað stoppað lengur en við verðum bara að endurtaka þetta fljótlega
    knús og kossar frá stelpunum í Laugardalnum

  3. Wonderful fob! Really great!

  4. icelandmom

    I just love the scissor fob Linda, it is sooooooo beautiful.

    All the best,
    Edda S

  5. Flott hugmynd þessi karfa og fobinn er æði.

  6. Rosalega sæt karfa og fallegir hlutir sem hún inniheldur 😉

    Ég var að komast að því að ég get horft á amk fyrstu seríuna af Little Britain í gegnum Netflix (horfi gegnum netið). Eg horfði ekki á hana í sjónvarpinu (eða bara smá) þannig að þetta er bara hið besta mál.

  7. Such a cute basket@! I am going to have to steal your idea :p I already have a very lovely biscornu from Iceland to put in mine =)

    I love the colors on the fob. Your tassel and cording turned out very nicely. I just recently made my own for the first time.

  8. That basket of yours sure does have a lot of gorgeous goodies in it! 🙂

  9. Great scissor fob, I love Sweetheart tree designs.

  10. Love the basket, and all the goodies in it, too! The fob is stunning! I also really like the scissors. We only seem to be able to get the ones with the bird. I prefer these, though!

  11. I have a basket waiting patiently for some smalls to be put in it. Yours looks great.

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