SBQ, Redwork and fabrics!

First of all, I got a wonderful package yesterday in the mail from Sesselja for the Redwork exchange in Allt í Kross (my Icelandic stitching group). She sent me a cute scissor fob and I really like it :o)

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Other side:

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Thank you Sesselja!
And I went today durring my lunch hour and bought fabric for the finishing part of the Redwork Exchange. I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I bought different fabrics that will come in handy for future finishing adventures. The background is the linen I used for the stitching. Aren’t they pretty?

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SBQ Today’s SBQ was suggested by Ish and is:
How do you choose a project for an exchange? Do you pick solely on what you know of the taste of the recipient or are there other reasons you pick the piece you do?

I try to pick something that I know that the recipient will like and that I know I will enjoy stitching and making for them. I usually have a hard time picking out what I want to do because I always want to make so many things! LOL! But I have been quite happy with what I have made so far for exchanges and hope that the recipients have enjoyed my stitching also.


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3 responses to “SBQ, Redwork and fabrics!

  1. What a nice Scissor fob!!
    I love the fabric and can’t wait to see what your Redwork piece will look like 😉

  2. Lovely fob, and GORGEOUS fabrics, Linda!
    I’m sure your recipients were all thrilled with all your exchange gifts. How could they not be?

  3. Cute scissor fob! And the fabrics are so pretty!

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