Reykjavík Arts Festival

May 10-12, the French street theatre group Royal de Luxe puts on a grand spectacle on the streets of Reykjavík. A Little Giant girl – 8 metres high – will strut through the city thoroughfares, bringing a spellbinding fairy tale to the inhabitants. During her stay, the city center is transformed into a giant stage, where the little giant and her giant father engage in a dramatic struggle.

Saturday May 12th

10.30 am
The Little Giant awakens from her slumber on the pier and takes a shower. She enters Ingólfstorg Square, Adalstraeti, Lækjargata and Fríkirkjuvegur, where she runs into the giant, her father, at around 11:30 am. More info here.

You can see the pictures that I took today on my flickr account.

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  1. Wish I had seen it. It apears to have been amasing

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