A Finish and a WIP

I finished stitching French Country Rooster by JBW Designs last night and I just love how it turned out! Now I want to stitch on the Cat in the same series but I am going to finish some gifts first.

French Country Rooster
French Country Rooster by JBW Designs
32ct Light Mocha Belfast
Needle Necessities #129

I am also working on this Newton’s Law Birth Sampler for my boss’s newborn babygirl. I did this same piece for my daughter Karítas when she was born. I love this piece, it is so fun to stitch and fast also. And it sure helps that I am a HUGE Newton’s fan. I think he is the cutest bear there is!

Newton's Law Birth Announcement
Newton’s Law Birth Sampler by Anchor
28ct Tuttie Fruttie Lugana from Silkweavers
DMC threads


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11 responses to “A Finish and a WIP

  1. Don’t you just love these JBW designs? Great colour!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog, Linda. By the way, it’s sushi night tonight, so come on over… LOL!!

  2. Sesselja

    Flottur hani hjá þér Linda 🙂


  3. Oh, pretty finish!
    And Newton’s Law is going to be adorable!

  4. Great finish 🙂 And your WIP is looking good 🙂

  5. Elska þennan hana í tætlur… Hlakka til að sjá hvað verður gert úr honum 😉
    Newton er náttla bara sætastur og ég er viss um að yfirkonan þín á eftir að vera í skýunum yfir þessu.

    Nýji Headerinn er gjöðveikur… congrats með hann!!!

  6. Lana

    Great finish! and i too love Newton…He is adorable!

  7. Þetta er flottasti hani sem ég hef séð. Ekki að djóka. Hann er sko enginn hani, if you know what I mean 🙂

  8. Frábær banner hjá þér Linda.

    Haninn flottur og Newton líka. Ég er ein af þeim sem kemur við reglulega hjá þér en hef ekki alltaf tíma til að kvitta.

    Edda S

  9. Great finish!…and Newton is so cute I’m a big fan also 🙂

  10. a lovely finish Linda, this series by JBW is all so cute 🙂

  11. Hi Linda, I love these french country designs too and can’t wait to stitch one myself. This rooster is quite the handsome fellow.

    I must say that I love your new header with the pictures of yourself and your beautiful girls. A nice welcome to your blog.

    And finally, the needleroll that you stitched is gorgeous! Sighs!

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