Spot of Autumn – Happy Dance

Yes, another happy dance for me, can you hear my tapping feet? I finished this one up just now, started it on Saturday. It was such a joy to stitch. And another strike from my stitching goal list for 2007 🙂 Oh, I updated that page with the exchanges that I signed up for at the SBEBB. Can’t wait!

Spot Of Autumn

Spot of Autumn – The Drawn Thread
36ct Edinborough Summer Khaki
Recommended threads used (DMC, WDW and NN)

I am going to stitch all of the seasonal Spots but decided to start this one first and then I will stitch Spot of Winter. I am going to pass these two charts along to Lili since I saw in one of her posts that she only had Spot of Summer and Spring and was missing the other two seasons. So after I finish Newton’s Law Birth Sampler and a biscornu or two I will probably start on Spot of Winter.

I bought a chart (with floss!) from my wishlist from Karen V. yesterday. She was going through her stash and decided on a couple of things that she didn’t want to stitch anymore or had already stitched. One of those charts was Matter’s Choise by Carriage House Samplings and I jumped at it faster then you can say PayPal! I can’t wait to get it :o)

We have had a wonderful long weekend here. Sumarrós had a girlfriend over for a sleepover on Saturday and they had lots of fun and giggled themselves to sleep around midnight. And so it begins. I bet they will want to do sleepovers all the time from now on LOL!
I hope you have all had a great weekend.


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7 responses to “Spot of Autumn – Happy Dance

  1. KarenV

    Lovely finish! Those DT designs are beautiful.

  2. BEEutiful finish 🙂
    So happy you joined us on the SBEBB 🙂

  3. saumastelpa

    Geggjað flott eins og allt sem þú gerir:)

  4. Oh! I love the new header! You all look so cute! The rooster is great too and I’m extremely delighted to see your amazing job on autumn. And seeing that you’re thinking of sending me the charts, I don’t know what to say…
    Take care, Linda!

  5. I love this DT design…very cute. Good job girl!

  6. Lovely finish – these little samplers are gorgeous!

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