Great mail!

I got a wonderful package last week in the mail from Becky. I had been lusting over her wonderful finishes where she uses altoid tins. I have never seen these tins around here, and Becky was such a sweetheart and offered to send me some to try. She sent me four of them! Thanks so much!!(only three are pictured as I gave one away to my friend Rósa who also wants to try this finishing method).
And today I got Matter’s Choise + Silk from KarenV. She was cleaning out her stash and I was very quick to jump at the opertunity to get this chart. I think it is beautiful and can’t wait to stitch it.

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I have been busy stitching, but it is for an exchange (the Little Critter’s Exchange at the SBEBB) so I can’t share any pictures yet. I also got to know who I will send out to for the Freebie exchange! How exciting. I haven’t figured out what to stitch yet though. So many choises! And work has been crazy! I started my new position on Friday. Did you all see the new issue of The Gift Of Stitching? Gorgeous!!


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6 responses to “Great mail!

  1. That was a great mail day! That Becky is so generous and I love what you got from Karen V!

  2. YAY!! I can’t wait to see a tin finish from you 🙂
    Just holler if/when you need more 🙂

  3. It was indeed a great mail day! Congratulations 🙂

  4. How does she use them for needlework? Is there a tutorial? I think I found an example on her blog following your link.

    I have to look around for these. They look familiar, but I never buy these kinds of products.

  5. Nice stash!
    And yes, the new GOS issue is gorgeous…

  6. WOW they are great gifts, congratulations on receiving them.

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