Stitching update.

I have been stitching, but it has almost only been for exchanges. But I have been stitching a little on Newton’s Law Birth Sampler. Here is an updated picture:

Newton's Law Birth Sampler

*click for a bigger picture*

I am almost done with my Little Critters Exchange, just need to do the finishing on it. I love what I did, it is so cute. Other than stitching, I have been working. But this week I am on summer vacation from work with my daughters. I am hoping that the weather will allow us to go camping for a night or so sometime this week. My girls really want to go camping and I would love to get out of the city for a while. Well, I need to go to the store and do some grocery shopping for the week. I hope you all had a great weekend.

Mary left a comment and asked how I finished my Lizzie*Kate’s 12 Blessings of Christmas project. Well, I haven’t finished it yet. I am 99,9% sure that I will finish it as a pillow. I will off course post a picture once the finishing is all done, probably not until after this summer.

Last week I sent a little something to Becky to cheer her up and as a little thank you for the wonderful tins that she sent me. You can see what I sent her at her blog. I stitched that little bee some time ago and off course it was perfect as a thank you gift for Becky The Queen of Bee’s 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by. It really means a lot to me 🙂 I have now added an About me page. Please stop by and find out a little more about me if you would like.


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11 responses to “Stitching update.

  1. Newton er svo sætur já vonandi komist þið í útilegu…

  2. Your progess on Newton is great! He is a cutie!

    LOVE the BEE you sent me 🙂 I was showing him off yesterday at Father’s Day/my son’s B-day celebrations at my home! Everyone thought he was adorable and that it was so awesome I received something from Iceland 🙂 :)!!!

    Have a great week!

  3. Mary

    Thanks, Litla! I was thinking about doing the Blessings of Christmas as a pillow, too, but not quite sure how it would work. Will have to ponder that one. Have lots of other projects to keep me busy now, so I have time to consider alternatives. And since I have neither patterns or fabric yet, what’s the rush? ;o)
    I’d like to actually just finish a project soon! I have so many “in progress” I’ve lost count. Why is it so exciting and energizing to start a new project? I’m thinking I might actually go from start to finish on my latest project – “Amish Rules” by Heart to Hand. That doesn’t happen very often, believe me, but I’ve been making good progress for the past 10 days or so. Only have a little bit of time each night to stitch, but have been using it well!
    Happy stitching!
    Mary (from northern Minnesota, USA)

  4. Oh, Newton is looking lovely 🙂
    And I saw Becky’s little bee…how sweet and kind of you to do that!

  5. Erla Björk

    Newton er ferlega sætur. Vonandi kemstu í útilegu, þú þarft alveg örugglega á því að halda.

  6. A pillow will be wonderful, I think.
    Newton is really cute, Linda.
    Take care!

  7. Aww Newton is so cute! He’s one of my favourite bears :)… your sampler is looking great!

  8. Your birth sampler looks great. I always mean to comment on your blog, but never do. I read it regularly 😀 All of your recent finishes look very nice, I love that Spot of Autumn one, I had to add that to my wishlist. I have the JBW Rooster one to make for my husband’s grandma too. So many cute charts, so little time 😀

  9. Newton is looking very cute.

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