My oldest daughter Sumarrós turned 8 years old (oh my, where does time go?) on June 14th. We had a family party today at my house and the birthday girl was very happy with everything. I am quite exhausted after this weekends cleaning, baking, cleaning and cleaning some more so I will just leave you with the pictures I took today. I wish I would have taken more, but somehow there is always other stuff to do than to take pictures when you have guests over.

Anyway, check them out if you want to. I also took some cute ones of me and my daughters once the guests were gone :o)


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9 responses to “Birthday.

  1. Happy birthday to your DD 🙂 As a mother I think the same thing…where does the time go?! Your pictures are adorable, you all have beautiful blue eyes 🙂

  2. Sveina

    Skemmtilegar myndir af ykkur mæðgum…þið eruð allar svo sætar;)

  3. Til hamingju með afmælið Sumarrós. Ég er sammála þér Linda, tíminn líður allt of hratt. Flottar myndirnar af ykkur mæðgum.

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. Happy birthday to Sumarros – Looks like you got a beautiful butterfly to stitch. Luckily you have a talented mum to help you. 🙂

  6. Erla Björk

    Til hamingju með Sumarrós. Frábærar myndir af ykkur.

  7. Von

    Hi Linda! Happy birthday to your dear, sweet daughter! The years do fly by, so treasure all these wonderful days together. Hugs!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to Sumarrós!!!!

  9. Til hamingju með afmælið Sumarrós og Linda til hamingju með stelpuna finsnt myndirnar af ykkur æði…

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