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Patriotic biscornu scissor fob.

My friend Linda in Texas e-mailed me and asked me if I could make a patriotic scissor fob for her friend Anette who had just gotten some red, white and blue scissors and wanted something pretty do decorate them with. So this is what I came up with. Sorry for the crappy picture, but it is dark and raining here today.
**edit** I just took new pictures of it so now it is more clear and more true in color.

Patriotic biscornu scissor fob

Stitched on 32ct Raw Belfast Linen with WDW floss called Liberty.
Pattern was a freebie (I will link to it when I find where it came from)
Cording was made by using DMC 820, 321 and B5200.
Gold Mill Hill beads used for the edges and a gold star button for the back.


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Organizing my stash on a saturday night.

First of all. I am a Virgo and I LOVE to organize stuff. Especially my stash. So when I got the cabinet from my parents, my mind went overdrive and I immediately started thinking about how I wanted to organize my stash in it. Yesterday I worked for a couple of hours and then I went home and measured the drawers, the shelves and everything and then I headed to IKEA the temple of organization. Off course I found everything I needed there for a reasonable price. Then I went home and started the whole thing. I loved it!

I decided to share pictures of the whole thing with you guys. I don’t know about you, but I really love looking at other peoples stash :o) All the photos are clickable for a larger view.

Left  side of cabinet

Left side of cabinet. 1st box on the top shelf contains projects that have been started, mosty UFO’s, the small box next to it contains my glue gun and extra glue for it.

1st box on the middle shelf contains kits that have not been started, the small box next to it contains all my Mill Hill kits that have not been started.
Big white box in the bottom shelf contains 32ct fabrics. The small box next to it contains 36ct fabrics and higher.

1st drawer

1st drawer. Contains ribbons, cording, felt, lace, pins, and accessorie packs for various projects and my tacky bob.

2nd drawer

2nd drawer. Contains various threads.

3rd drawer

3rd drawer. Also contains threads, buttons, various beads, scissors etc.

4th drawer

4th drawer. Contains various beads, finishing forms, charms, buttons, tins etc.

Right side of cabinet

Right side of cabinet. 1st box on the top shelf contains kits that have not been started, the box next to it contains quilting fabrics meant for finishing. Next to it are q-snaps and other frames.

1st box on the middle shelf contains finished projects that need to be finished into something. Next to it are some frames.
Big white box contains 28ct fabrics. Next to it are some cardboard boxes.


That’s it. My charts and DMC floss are stored somewhere else, just next to the cabinet. The DMC is wound on bobbins and in plastic containers and the charts are in two boxes next to it. I also have some Connect-a-boxes for my beads that I am going to add to the cabinet as soon as I get the properly organized. So,  how do you store your stash? Any pictures you can share? :o)



SBQ   Today’s SBQ was suggested by Dani and is:

Have you ever thought of getting a rider on your household insurance to properly cover your stash (some of us have quite an extensive stash that an average household policy wouldn’t fully cover) in the case of some sort of damage to your house that would destroy/ruin charts, fabrics, floss, etc?


I have thought about it yes, but never actually done anything about it. Thanks for this question Dani. I need to call my insurance company next week and see what they say about this.


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Newton Law’s Birth Sampler and more.

First of all. I got a very lovely package in the mail 2 days ago from Kirsten the editor of TGOSM. She sent me some beautiful beads and wonderful fabrics. Thanks again Kirsten, I love everything you sent. The image is clickable, as well as all the pictures in this post.

Gift from Kirsten

Yesterday evening my friend Rósa came over and we stitched together. It had been so long since we had had a stitching night just the two of us. It was wonderful to have her over. And very inspiring. I finished two projects last night.
I finished the Newton Law’s Birth Sampler for my boss’s daughter.

Newton's Law Birth Sampler - Happy Dance

Newton Law’s Birth Sampler by Anchor
Stitched with DMC threads
28ct Tuttie Fruttie Lugana from Silkweavers

I also finished a tiny and oh so adorable biscornu scissor fob for my friend Brenda. I love how this one turned out and decided not to put a button/bead/something in the center to pierce it together since it is so small that I think it wouldn’t come out very nice.

Biscornu Scissor Fob for Brenda

Leftover fabric from the Birth Sampler.
DMC 807 one over one.

And last but not least. Like I have said before, my parents just sold their house and are moving to a brand new apartment. So they had to get rid of lots of stuff. I was lucky to get this beauty! (ignore the piles of stash on top)

Old/New cabinet

My mother used it for all her sewing fabrics, and now I am going to use it for all my stash! Woot! I am so excited. I LOVE organizing my stash, especially if I have something pretty to put it in! I am a sucker for old furniture (especially wood) and I have wanted this cabinet for a long time but off course my mom was always putting it to good use. But when she asked me if I wanted it I was so happy.
I am going to give it a slight make over soon. Nothing drastic though. I still want it looking exactly like it looks, I just want to freshen it up a little 🙂

Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading. Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my latest exchanges. You make this all worth it! *hugs*


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Little Critters Exchange from Cathy B!

Oh my! I feel very spoiled! I just got this amazing exchange from Cathy B for the Little Critters Exchange over at SBEBB.
She made me this fabulous pinkeep. And look at all the extra goodies!

Little Critters Exchange from Cathy B.

Pinkeep – pattern from Shepherd’s Bush’s ‘Bee Happy’, chocolate in a tin (oh I love tins!), DMC thread (I can never have enough of that!), LHN’s Ladybug, Ladybug and the most amazing sampler printed fabric! I just love everything. There is also a postcard from Minnesota that I forgot to add on the pictures.

Thank you so much Cathy! The pinkeep is sooooo beautiful! I really adore everything you sent!


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SBQ July 19th 2007

SBQ  Today’s SBQ was suggested by Ish and is: Which project (finished or in progress) are you most proud of? Explain why.

biscornu_tgos5.jpgOh that is an easy one. I am most proud of the biscornu I designed and stitched and was featured in TGOSM. Why? Well, because it is my baby. It is mine from start to finish, with help from my stitching friend Erla Björk who stitched one part of the biscornu since I was running out of time to finish it. It was my first “real” piece that I designed and it got featured in a great magazine.

The Quiltmaker
I am also very fond of The Quiltmaker that I stitched and gave to my mothers friend who is a quilter. I changed the colors and I think it turned out better than the original color version. Just my own opinion, I thought that the blue was too dark, and the lady that I stitched it for is more green than blue. I also changed the blue in the girls dress to bright blue colors and think it came out great. It was my first attemt in major colorchanges and I am very pleased with the outcome.


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Freebie exchange!

I was just reading trough blogs when I noticed that Dawn had receaved the Freebie Exchange that I made for her.

Freebie Exchange

Pattern: Quaker heart by Janice Woods.
Fabric: 32ct Raw Belfast Linen from Zweigart
Thread: Stranded by the Sea #125 Flame Scallop

I also included some buttons, fabric and a chart by With My Needle called Words To Live By.


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Lil’Critter’s Exchange.

Nicki just commented and said that she got the package I sent her so now I can share a picture of the finished exchange:

Lil' Critter's Exchange for Nicki

Pattern:Little House Needleworks – Ladybug, Ladybug.
Threads: DMC
Fabric36ct Cream Edinborough Linen.
Finished as a mattress pincushion.
I also made a little scissor fob with a magnet on the back for needle keeping.

I knew that she liked ladybugs and LHN so this just seemed like the perfect pattern to stitch for her. I really enjoyed making this and I was very happy with the outcome of the finished products. I also sent her Just Nan’s – My Fair Ladybug with fabric, charm and the DMC floss and a postcard from Iceland.

Enjoy your goodies Nicki!


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Stash and exchanges.

The last couple of days I have spent finishing up two exchanges. Lil’ Critter’s Exchange and Freebie Exchange, both at the SBEBB. I mailed them both today, so two unnamed bloggers will get goodies in the mail soon from me. I can’t wait to hear what they think about what I did as I am very pleased with the outcome on both exchanges! It was a tough trip to the PO today, having to mail them off, but I know they are going to great homes and are going to ladies that have the same respect for needlework as I do 🙂 I also signed up for the Grateful Hearts Exchange and have some ideas running around in my head (it is true, they are running all over

Life has been busy. I had last week off from work and spent it running around with my daughters, including going on the camping trip that I mentioned in the previous post. We also took walks to the pond and fed the ducks, went to the playground and helped my parents with their move. They already have the new place and have been putting hardwood floors down, and this Saturday I am going to help them move all the furniture and unpack boxes etc. My mother is giving me a beautiful wooded cabinet/drawer unit that I am going to use for storing all my stash and finishing supplies.

Speaking of stash, I just got this order in from Stitching Bits and Bobs yesterday.

Stitching Bits and Bobs

Some of the new DMC Color Variations floss.
28ct Gingham Linen Cream/Natural.
Two scissors.
Heart shaped thread rings.

I have a new passion. SCISSORS. After seeing all the beautiful scissors on various blogs, I have been wanting more more and more of those nifty gadgets that we all can’t live without. So I ordered these two for starters 🙂

I am going to spend the evening working on and trying to finish Newton Law’s Birth Sampler. Only some backstitching left so if I just sit down and do it, it should be finished in no time.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life! Much love!


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Back from camping trip.

I decided yesterday that I wanted to go camping. The weather was wonderful and I just needed to get out of the city for a while. So me and my daughters along with my favorite cousins Bjarki and Sigurjón decided to go to Þingvellir, a National Park just outside of Reykjavík and stay there for a night. It was great! Pictures say more than a thousand words so I will let you look at them here.

Now I am going to stitch while I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I LOVE that show!


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Biscornu finish

When my friend Brenda asked me to stitch her a couple of biscornus I was really happy. She wanted to pay me for them, but I find it really difficult to put a price on my stitching. So we worked up a deal. She would send me some fabrics and some hand dyed threads both to stitch her biscornus with and for my own collection, and I would make her some biscornus. This is the first one. I have started another one, but it is being stitched one over one so it will probably take me a while.

Biscornu for Brenda

Fabric: 28ct black Jobelan
Thread: Six Strand Sweets – Jelly Beans
Chart: A freebie from My Aunts Attic (thanks Lilian for all the wonderful patterns!)


Today me and my girls are going to my parents house. They just sold their house and bought a brand new apartment so I am helping them pack and move stuff.


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Still here.

I just wanted to update real quick and tell you that I am still here. I have had a busy week. My mother’s sisters came visiting from Denmark. They live there with their family so we don’t get to see them very often. It was wonderful to see them. And they share the same passion as me and my mother with needlework and crafts so there was lots of talking about stitching, sewing, knitting, crocheting and other things related. So inspiring!

I will have stitching updates soon. I am on vacation again this week with the girls so it is going to be another busy week. We have been having some nice weather and I hope that it stays that way this week so that we can spend as much time as possible outside in the sun.

I hope you are all doing good and that you had a nice weekend.


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