Biscornu finish

When my friend Brenda asked me to stitch her a couple of biscornus I was really happy. She wanted to pay me for them, but I find it really difficult to put a price on my stitching. So we worked up a deal. She would send me some fabrics and some hand dyed threads both to stitch her biscornus with and for my own collection, and I would make her some biscornus. This is the first one. I have started another one, but it is being stitched one over one so it will probably take me a while.

Biscornu for Brenda

Fabric: 28ct black Jobelan
Thread: Six Strand Sweets – Jelly Beans
Chart: A freebie from My Aunts Attic (thanks Lilian for all the wonderful patterns!)


Today me and my girls are going to my parents house. They just sold their house and bought a brand new apartment so I am helping them pack and move stuff.


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9 responses to “Biscornu finish

  1. Wonderful colors !!

  2. Erla Björk

    Hann er bara æðislegur!

  3. vá hvað hann er sætur.

  4. Lovely biscornu! You did a splendid job of this one! Can’t wait to see your 1 over 1!!!
    Hurray for your parents! Don’t throw your back out packing and moving things 🙂

  5. anitatx

    Your first Biscornu is very pretty and I love the colors of the thread. Looking forward to see more.

  6. What a stunning biscornu. Love the black fabric 😉

  7. Love the colors!! Great job!

  8. Good choice both for the fabric and thread. The designs on the blog are stunning, aren’t they?
    Wishing you loads of courage and a good back for your parents’ move…
    Take care!

  9. Cute biscornu, I love the bright colours on the dark linen – it is so effective.

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