Back from camping trip.

I decided yesterday that I wanted to go camping. The weather was wonderful and I just needed to get out of the city for a while. So me and my daughters along with my favorite cousins Bjarki and Sigurjón decided to go to Þingvellir, a National Park just outside of Reykjavík and stay there for a night. It was great! Pictures say more than a thousand words so I will let you look at them here.

Now I am going to stitch while I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I LOVE that show!


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10 responses to “Back from camping trip.

  1. Var að skoða myndir, frábært, takk!

  2. If I had a place like that to go to, I might feel like camping a lot more often! Beautiful…

  3. No way! I always watch So You Think You Can Dance, too! Lacey and Kameron are my favorite couple, but Pasha is super hot 😉

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Iceland is so beautiful. It looks like you had a great time!

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time camping! And the weather in Iceland is decidedly better than it is here in the deep south of the Netherlands. Enjoy!

  5. Your camping trip looks wonderful !!

  6. It sounds like a show about dancing, so I bet you like it.

    Nice camping trip it looks as you guys had a really good time.

  7. Vá lítur út fyrir að hafa verið fjör hjá ykkur. Gaman að skoða myndirnar.

  8. Oh Linda, how beautiful your country is. It looks as though you guys had a wonderful time. And nice weather too from the looks of it. Loved the picture of your shadows. Lol. The girls sure seemed to enjoy themselves. Do you do a lot of camping?
    And I love that colourful biscornu that you made and pictured on your previous post. Cheers.

  9. You got some nice stash, and I love the biscornu that you made for your friend.

  10. What a STUNNING place to go camping – just beautiful. I love camping too, it is so good for the kids to ‘touch the earth’. I showed your camping photos to my DD who wants to know where all the ice is 😉

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