Stash and exchanges.

The last couple of days I have spent finishing up two exchanges. Lil’ Critter’s Exchange and Freebie Exchange, both at the SBEBB. I mailed them both today, so two unnamed bloggers will get goodies in the mail soon from me. I can’t wait to hear what they think about what I did as I am very pleased with the outcome on both exchanges! It was a tough trip to the PO today, having to mail them off, but I know they are going to great homes and are going to ladies that have the same respect for needlework as I do 🙂 I also signed up for the Grateful Hearts Exchange and have some ideas running around in my head (it is true, they are running all over

Life has been busy. I had last week off from work and spent it running around with my daughters, including going on the camping trip that I mentioned in the previous post. We also took walks to the pond and fed the ducks, went to the playground and helped my parents with their move. They already have the new place and have been putting hardwood floors down, and this Saturday I am going to help them move all the furniture and unpack boxes etc. My mother is giving me a beautiful wooded cabinet/drawer unit that I am going to use for storing all my stash and finishing supplies.

Speaking of stash, I just got this order in from Stitching Bits and Bobs yesterday.

Stitching Bits and Bobs

Some of the new DMC Color Variations floss.
28ct Gingham Linen Cream/Natural.
Two scissors.
Heart shaped thread rings.

I have a new passion. SCISSORS. After seeing all the beautiful scissors on various blogs, I have been wanting more more and more of those nifty gadgets that we all can’t live without. So I ordered these two for starters 🙂

I am going to spend the evening working on and trying to finish Newton Law’s Birth Sampler. Only some backstitching left so if I just sit down and do it, it should be finished in no time.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life! Much love!


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14 responses to “Stash and exchanges.

  1. Love the stash! I just received my Hillier scissors from Kelmscott last week and I

  2. oops…? I was going to say, “… and I love them!”

  3. nammi namm girnilegt stash … já skæri eru svo misjöfn og mörg svakalega flott.

  4. Barbara

    I love those new DMC flosses! I’m also in the Freebie exchange – but isn’t the mail-out date for the end of the month? (Or have I written it down wrong?)

  5. Ohh…..can’t wait to see what you stitched up for the SBEBB exchanges…I’m finished stitching my Lil’ Critters…but I have to finish them and that should be done soon!
    BIG hugs to you!!

  6. Erla Björk

    Flott stash og skemmtilegt efni. Maður verður að prufa svona einhvern tíman.

  7. Aw, I am sure your exchanges are lovely and be well received!! I am in those groups too. I join you in your passion for scissors! Want some Ginghers? My DH sells 4″ Cheetahs, Julias, Marias and Glorys – very reasonable prices 😉

  8. I have stash envy!!! Very nice selection. I have to warn you though that collecting scissors is an illness and there is no cure – LOL 🙂

  9. I just got my Lil Critters exchange and I had to tell you how much I love it! Thank you so much – it’s beautiful. I don’t know how you parted with it 🙂 And the thing is that I was secretly hoping someone would stitch that chart for me – it’s so cute. So thank you so, so much!

  10. vá hvað þetta er geðveikt… sjúklega flott skæri og þetta efni er svo flott.. ég þarf að fjárfesta ís vona við tækifæri

  11. Hallo Linda, it’s funny, this night I ordered the same 2 pair of shissors at stitching bit and bobs, and a lot of LHN patterns too!! It seems we like the same things! ;-)) Happy stitching, Giusy

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