Newton Law’s Birth Sampler and more.

First of all. I got a very lovely package in the mail 2 days ago from Kirsten the editor of TGOSM. She sent me some beautiful beads and wonderful fabrics. Thanks again Kirsten, I love everything you sent. The image is clickable, as well as all the pictures in this post.

Gift from Kirsten

Yesterday evening my friend Rósa came over and we stitched together. It had been so long since we had had a stitching night just the two of us. It was wonderful to have her over. And very inspiring. I finished two projects last night.
I finished the Newton Law’s Birth Sampler for my boss’s daughter.

Newton's Law Birth Sampler - Happy Dance

Newton Law’s Birth Sampler by Anchor
Stitched with DMC threads
28ct Tuttie Fruttie Lugana from Silkweavers

I also finished a tiny and oh so adorable biscornu scissor fob for my friend Brenda. I love how this one turned out and decided not to put a button/bead/something in the center to pierce it together since it is so small that I think it wouldn’t come out very nice.

Biscornu Scissor Fob for Brenda

Leftover fabric from the Birth Sampler.
DMC 807 one over one.

And last but not least. Like I have said before, my parents just sold their house and are moving to a brand new apartment. So they had to get rid of lots of stuff. I was lucky to get this beauty! (ignore the piles of stash on top)

Old/New cabinet

My mother used it for all her sewing fabrics, and now I am going to use it for all my stash! Woot! I am so excited. I LOVE organizing my stash, especially if I have something pretty to put it in! I am a sucker for old furniture (especially wood) and I have wanted this cabinet for a long time but off course my mom was always putting it to good use. But when she asked me if I wanted it I was so happy.
I am going to give it a slight make over soon. Nothing drastic though. I still want it looking exactly like it looks, I just want to freshen it up a little 🙂

Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading. Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my latest exchanges. You make this all worth it! *hugs*


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12 responses to “Newton Law’s Birth Sampler and more.

  1. Katrín (allt í kross)

    Flottur skenkur, og púðinn sætur svona pínulítill.

  2. KarenV

    Your finished pieces are lovely! I especially like the sweet fob biscornu 🙂

    How lucky you are to get such a lovely unit too!

  3. Thank you for last night sweetie! I enjoyed it so much.
    I love what you been doing and the biscornu fob is so beautiful.
    I love the cabinet (er það rétt orð??) I wish I had something like that to keep my stash.
    Hope to see you soon!!!

  4. Erla Björk

    Flottur Newton og biscornu púðinn. Til hamingju með skenkinn og allt efnið.

  5. Fanny Rosa

    Æðislega sætt allt saman hjá þér, skærapúðinn litli er ægilega flottur 🙂 pínkulítill.

    Newton er alltaf sætur og þessi mynd er sérstaklega sæt. Skenkurinn er æði, ég er einmitt komin með eina kommóðu sem ég nota undir saumadótið, það er algjört möst, annars er þetta út um allt bara.. Til hamingju með þetta allt 🙂 og takk fyrir afmæliskveðjuna 😀

  6. Hi there 🙂

    I love your biscornu and your finish is just adorable! Wonderful goodies from Kristen!

  7. Your biscornu is adorable!

  8. Lovely finishes!! Newton looks so cute 🙂

  9. Linda, your sampler and the little fob and biscornu are darling! What a coup to get all three from one piece of fabric!! LOL Love it! Great new storage cabinet, too!!

  10. Wow, nice stash that you received and the two pieces you finished are wonderful. That birth sampler is so cute.

    Love the cabinet/dresser you ended up with, perfect for stitching stash 😉

  11. saumastelpa

    Æðislegur skenkur…og skærapúðinn og Newton:)

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