Organizing my stash on a saturday night.

First of all. I am a Virgo and I LOVE to organize stuff. Especially my stash. So when I got the cabinet from my parents, my mind went overdrive and I immediately started thinking about how I wanted to organize my stash in it. Yesterday I worked for a couple of hours and then I went home and measured the drawers, the shelves and everything and then I headed to IKEA the temple of organization. Off course I found everything I needed there for a reasonable price. Then I went home and started the whole thing. I loved it!

I decided to share pictures of the whole thing with you guys. I don’t know about you, but I really love looking at other peoples stash :o) All the photos are clickable for a larger view.

Left  side of cabinet

Left side of cabinet. 1st box on the top shelf contains projects that have been started, mosty UFO’s, the small box next to it contains my glue gun and extra glue for it.

1st box on the middle shelf contains kits that have not been started, the small box next to it contains all my Mill Hill kits that have not been started.
Big white box in the bottom shelf contains 32ct fabrics. The small box next to it contains 36ct fabrics and higher.

1st drawer

1st drawer. Contains ribbons, cording, felt, lace, pins, and accessorie packs for various projects and my tacky bob.

2nd drawer

2nd drawer. Contains various threads.

3rd drawer

3rd drawer. Also contains threads, buttons, various beads, scissors etc.

4th drawer

4th drawer. Contains various beads, finishing forms, charms, buttons, tins etc.

Right side of cabinet

Right side of cabinet. 1st box on the top shelf contains kits that have not been started, the box next to it contains quilting fabrics meant for finishing. Next to it are q-snaps and other frames.

1st box on the middle shelf contains finished projects that need to be finished into something. Next to it are some frames.
Big white box contains 28ct fabrics. Next to it are some cardboard boxes.


That’s it. My charts and DMC floss are stored somewhere else, just next to the cabinet. The DMC is wound on bobbins and in plastic containers and the charts are in two boxes next to it. I also have some Connect-a-boxes for my beads that I am going to add to the cabinet as soon as I get the properly organized. So,  how do you store your stash? Any pictures you can share? :o)



SBQ   Today’s SBQ was suggested by Dani and is:

Have you ever thought of getting a rider on your household insurance to properly cover your stash (some of us have quite an extensive stash that an average household policy wouldn’t fully cover) in the case of some sort of damage to your house that would destroy/ruin charts, fabrics, floss, etc?


I have thought about it yes, but never actually done anything about it. Thanks for this question Dani. I need to call my insurance company next week and see what they say about this.


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12 responses to “Organizing my stash on a saturday night.

  1. Erla Björk

    Þetta er allt svo sætt hjá þér. Voðalega gaman að skoða allar myndirnar. Trúi vel að þú hafir skemmt þér.

  2. I love re-organizing my stash too!

  3. totallyinstitches

    Your cabinet is awesome! It makes me want to post pictures of my stash :p It’s nice to see things I’ve sent you in there. =)

  4. Þetta er allt svo flott hjá þér, skápurinn er náttúrulega bara æðislegur.
    gaman að hafa allt svona fínt og ný raðað :o)

    Kveðja Fanný

  5. gingeroni

    I have reorganized my stash along similar lines – it is such a blast! I could never fit in all in a cabinet like that, though! The insurance rider question was good – I will look forward to hearing what they say!

  6. R.Ása

    Ekkert smá flott hjá þér,örugglega verið meiri háttar gaman hjá þér að fara í gegn um allt og raða !!
    kv. Ása

  7. Thetta er otrulega vel skipulagt hj’a ther. Thad er gaman ad ‘sja’ allt dotid. Er ekki gaman að fara í gegnum þetta og kíkja á góssið.

  8. I love to see how people organize ANYTHING. This looks wonderful 😉

  9. slef…
    það er allt sem ég get sagt! 😉

  10. I spent several hours yesterday and today organizing my cross stitch stash into all the places I had my scrapbooking stash. I just quit scrapping a few months ago. Just can’t get into it any more. But I have everything in a roll cart with drawers, plus a few drawers in my old scrapping desk. I guess as my supply grows I’ll have to come up with something else.

  11. Lovely to see your fun with your new cabinet!! The colors just pop off the pictures! While you were organizing your cabinet, I was trying to reorganize my computer cabinet…oh, boy! Mine is not a pretty sight, like yours! Thanks for sharing your stash…. Hugs, Deb in FL

  12. Your cabinet and stash organisation looks wonderful. My stash is stored in various plastic tubs which are stacked in one corner of our lounge room. Not very exciting, but since we are moving sometime this year I am hoping for a larger house perhaps with a special space for my stash.

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