Freebie Exchange from Tessa.

I got the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday from Tessa. I am sorry I couldn’t post about it sooner, but I was working until 11pm last night so when I finally got home I just crashed. But here it is!

Freebie Exchange from Tessa

Tessa really outdid herself with this exchange. I was stunned when I opened it. She stitched a freebie from the Caron website called ‘A Good Vintage’ by Carol Tinson using the suggested threads. Here is the link to the scissor fob and here is the pattern for the pincushion.  The finishing is just perfect. I love all the extra details, like the little ‘made with love’ charm that she added and the beaded edges. It is such a beautiful set! And she added gorgeous scissors also.
And all the extras, where do I begin? There are Tim Tams that Tessa says are an Aussie favorite indulgence, I can’t wait to try them! She also sent me some Kelmscott thread keepers that are stunning! And she sent me chocolate, a notepad and the sweetest letter. And some beautiful threads.

Even my daughters got some treats!

Kartas and Sumarrós

Tessa sent them Bilbies! Bilbies are native Australian animals and very adorable! Tessa, my girls are over the moon with excitement! Sumarrós thought it was so cool to get a package all the way from Australia! I have a friend who lives here in Iceland, but is from Australia so she knows about the country down under from him :o) She sends you kisses! The little one is calling her Bilbie ‘nannína’ which would be ‘kanína’ or ‘bunny’ in english. She is very fond of it and has been running around with it since she got it :o)

Thank you Tessa, you are such a sweetheart!


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9 responses to “Freebie Exchange from Tessa.

  1. What an awesome exchange! I especially love the colors she used.

  2. What lovely gifts, for you and your girls 😉

  3. Beautiful exchange!! Your daughters are precious:)

  4. KarenV

    What a beautiful exchange and a lovely photo of your girls! 🙂

  5. wow… I love what she stitched for you!! and the extra gifts are amazing.
    Karítas and Sumarrós are so cute with their Bilbies.
    I can’t wait to visit you and see this with my own eyes.

  6. It’s a beauty! The colour is SO pretty! Lovely photo of your daughters 🙂

  7. Gorgeous exchange!!! And you daughter look so happy with their Bilbies

  8. Erla Björk

    Ofsalega er þetta fallegt. Og stelpurnar svo ánægðar með gjafirnar sínar.

  9. Such a nice package from Tessa, with some great Aussie icons.

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