Been MIA

Sorry for the quietness around here but work has been really busy and I have hardly even stitched at all. Today I got an order from Down Sunshine Lane and let me tell you, Amy is wonderful to do business with.


I got 5 pieces of 40ct Newcastle Linen in Antique White, Cream, Summer Khaki, Light Sand and Sand, ‘Trousse aux Fleurs Bleues’ by C’mon Monde (I saw this pattern on Becky’s blog and fell in love with it at once) and Snow Scissor Fob Kit (with cute purple scissors) by Shepherd’s Bush.

I took the Newton’s Law Birth Sampler to my framer today and should have it back soon. Oooh! My boss who just had the baby I made the sampler for was my secret admirer who gaave me the patterns last week! Thank you Bryndís!

I need to get going on a Fall themed exchange over at LJ and also on the Grateful Hearts exchange over at SBEBB. I have some ideas, I just need the time to start. Late next week I am thinking about taking the rest of my vacation days so I should have plenty of stitching time in the near future. I hope you are all doing well. I will try to catch up on blogs soon


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6 responses to “Been MIA

  1. Isn’t Amy the BEST?! I love doing business with her! I love all your fabrics that you’ve chosen…I may have to get some of those too! 🙂

  2. Lovely stash! I have never ordered from there. I will have to check it out!

  3. Nice stash! I’ve never tried 40 count linen but I’m sure I would love it… Well, may be it’s time for me to make a try? Stop tempting me!
    I have finished one side of your biscornu and read your article abour Icelandic embroidery during my summer holiday: I found it very interesting, and stitching your biscornu has been a huge pleasure. I will show it on my blog soon.
    Take care, Linda!

  4. Slef…
    Þetta er náttla bara geðveikt og mig langar ekkert smá í allt þetta 40 ct. efni sko…
    Verð að panta mér eitthvað af því við tækifæri því ég elska að sauma í 40 ct.

  5. Summer always seems to be too busy to do any serious stitching. You’re not alone in that! Lovely stash haul!

  6. Berglind

    Ég fann síðuna þína í gegnum barnaland. ÉG verð nú bara að segja, að allt það sem þú ert að gera er mjög flott. Ég sjálf prjóna mjög mikið og væri sko alveg til í að vera í einhverjum svona “netprjónaklúbbi”. Er hægt að panta svona skærapúða eins og þú ert búinn að vera að gera hjá þér.
    Mátt endilega láta mig vita á

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