Absolutely amazing!

On Friday evening I got a phone call from my friend Rósa. We talk almost every day so getting a phone call from her is nothing new, but always just as nice. This time she said with a hint of tease in her tone ‘Oh I was just wondering if you were busy since I am now holding your birthday present and really want to give it to you’. That little tease! Off course she came over (she lives very close by) and she gave me a wonderful package wrapped in pink and with a sticker from The Silver Needle on it. Exciting! I opened it up and lo and behold! Out came this!

My birthday present from Rósa

Incredible! Amazing! So beautiful! And for me? WOW!
I have been lusting over ‘Lady Scarlet’s Secret Garden’ by Just Nan ever since it came out but never indulged myself to it. I was so happy when I opened the package that I screamed. Rósa, thank you my dear dear friend! Rósa said ‘I just knew this was something that you really wanted but would never buy for yourself’. How very true. I guess she knows be better than I thought 😉

Here is a close up of the gorgeous Ladybug!

Lady Scarlett

And the tiny little magnet (another thing I have been thinking about ordering but never remembering to do so). I say it is me and Rósa stitching together and we will forever be friends ❤

Tiny magnet

To Rósa I want to say the deepest thanks. You are an amazing friend and such a beautiful woman. You make me shine with your shine. You give so much and never expect anything in return. When you get something in return you are the most thankful one. I love you so much!


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9 responses to “Absolutely amazing!

  1. awww…!!! I’m just so glad that I was able to surprise you and see your beautiful smile, that’s the biggest gift 😉
    Thanks for the complements ( but you could have been describing yourself as I see you 😉 )
    & I love you too, sweetheart.

  2. Oh alltaf gaman að fá góðar gjafir sérstaklega gjafir sem henta manni svona vel…

  3. Bryndís María

    Elsku Linda,

    Innilega til hamingju með afmælið í dag. Megi allir þínir draumar rætast 🙂

    Knús og kossar,

  4. That is a gorgeous gift, sounds like you have a very special friendship with Rosa.

  5. Berglind

    Til hamingju með daginn. Sá að þú átt afmæli í dag.
    Kíki alltaf reglulega við til að sjá hvaða flottu hluti þú ert að gera.

  6. Erla Björk

    Æðisleg gjöf!!! Innilega til hamingju með daginn Linda mín. Vonandi áttu eftir að eiga frábæran dag.

  7. wyora

    What a wonderful friend and birthday gift! I’ve been lusting after that for a while too, I just love the ladybug.

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