Another fob and an exchange!

First. I just went and got the mail and there was an exchange in there for me. This is from Emily in Australia who was my partner for the Fall/Halloween themed exchange over at the XStitch Exchange community on LJ. I choose Fall since Halloween is not celebrated here in Iceland.
Somehow Emily found out how to spell Fall in Icelandic – Haust. And she designed this one herself! I am very happy to have gotten such a nice exchange! I have e-mailed Emily personally but if you read this also, thank you so much!

Autumn exchange from Emily

Next. I got a request through my blog to make a scissor fob for a girl named Berglind. She wanted it in blue colors and she wanted her letter B to be included in the design. I choose to do ‘B – is for buttons’ by Brooke Nolan, a freebie from her Stitchers Alphabet series. I think it turned out really cute.

Scissor fob for Berglind

Fabric: 36ct Cream Edinborough Linen
Floss: DMC
Pattern found here.
Modifications – no beads were used.


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9 responses to “Another fob and an exchange!

  1. That’s a lovely wall-hanging.
    Love the little fob !

  2. I love your fob 🙂 It turned out just lovely 🙂
    The wallhaning is cute!

  3. What a lovely exchange gift, and how special that it’s in your own language!
    I love the little B floss fob too. Great colours :o)

  4. Your stitching is lovely, and I like the wall hanging that you received.

  5. Von

    How thoughtful of Emily to translate Fall into Haust, it’s just beautiful! 🙂

    And Happy Birthday, Linda!! I hope your 29th year is the best yet. 🙂

  6. Great little fob!! Don’t you just love Brooke’s alphabet!! Can’t believe they’re freebies!

  7. Lovely scissor fobs and the haust wall hanging is beautiful too!
    I am always amazed at the beauty that stitchers create. Such treasures…
    I hope Sumarro’s better now.
    HUgs, dear Linda!

  8. The wall hanging is gorgeous, love the colors in it. Your fob is very cute!

  9. A great exchange, love the autumn colours. A lovely scissor fob too.

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