Fall exchange received

I got an e-mail from Emily in Australia informing me that she got the exchange I sent her for the Fall themed exchange in the LJ Exchange Community. And she says she loves it and I am so glad that she does. I had a lot of fun making this one and am sure that I will make this again at some point.





Whole exchange:


I made her a scissor pocket. Design by The Cat’s Whisker called Alyssum Scissor Pocket. I used one of the new DMC Variatons floss but I can’t tell you which one since I lost the little paper piece from the skein. It is stitched on 32ct Vintage Pear Linen from Silkweavers. I included scissors and also sent some charms and buttons, Vicki Clayton silks, a piece of Chocolate colored evenweave and some ribbon.I am glad you like your exchange Emily! Enjoy!


I started working again yesterday after my 2 weeks on vacation. Things are very busy but I will be back soon with more updates. I am working on the Grateful Hearts exchange for the SBEBB and I am in love with what I am stitching. I just hope the finishing will go smoothly also. I am also working on a couple of biscornus for Brenda.

Oh, one more thing. Is anyone doing the new Mystery Sampler from Papillion Creations featured in The Gift Of Stitching Magazine? I can’t decide if I am going to do it or not. I really want to splurge on the Dinky Dye’s silks for this project, but I can’t afford it until who knows when :-/ I want to do it on 40ct Linen I think. I also want to do the smalls chatelaine. So many projects, so little time!

And I ordered the JCS ornament 2007 issue yesterday! This is probably the magazine that I anticipate the most. I just love it. Have you ordered your copy yet? Are you going to?


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10 responses to “Fall exchange received

  1. What a lovely scissor fob! And all the beautiful things that go with it… Yummy!
    I’ve just made a post and I have shown my version of your biscornu (well, one side) at last…
    I encourage you to plunge for Dinky Dyes silks, they’re as good quality as Caron’s -and that’s a reference!!!
    I haven’t ordered my copy of JCS yet but I intend to asap (meaning, when my friend has decided what she wants to order so we can share the shipment expenses…). But I have the preview one (with companion projects to go with some from the special issue) and it looks promising…
    Take care, Linda!

  2. Beautiful work!! I love the color you used:)

    I reserved my copy at my LNS….i can’t wait till it comes in:)

  3. Lovely exchange, beautiful colours.
    I ordered my JCS a couple of weeks ago and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

  4. Beautiful exchange from Emily! You’ve been racking up the gorgeous threads, Linda!! Can’t wait to see your progress on the Historical Mystery Sampler from our TGOSM. I’m dying to start mine in the coming weeks, too!
    Deb in FL

  5. I love this Scissor purse and the colors are much prettier in real life. Love the threads, buttons and fabric you included in your exchange.
    I’m not starting this sampler for now… (maybe later.. how knows??) but I’m looking forward on seeing yours “grow”.
    I’m not gonna order the magasin for now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll do it later.

  6. Beautiful scissor pocket
    I haven’t order my copy yet…I waiting to hear if it’s a MUST have or not 🙂

  7. What a beautiful exchange!! I am really impressed with some of the exchanges from this round. I think our stitchers are growing!

    I love that scissor pocket and the colors. I keep debating on ordering it from my LNS. I love all of the designs from The Cat’s Whiskers.

  8. What a wonderful exchange, it’s such a beauty! Congratulations 🙂

  9. That scissor pocket is just gorgeous!

  10. Love the scissors pocket and the colours too! Who’s the designer by the way? Must check it up.

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