A weekend away.

I spent the weekend with my stitching group ‘Allt í Kross’ in a summer house in the south part of the country. It was a great weekend and lots of stitching was done. We had good food, wonderful laughs and off course lots of stitching. I didn’t bring my camera but the girls took a lot of pictures and when they are online I will link to them.

I managed to finish  pieces and made a nice progress on my Fairy Grandmother that I haven’t stitched on for a long time. I have missed stitching on her. The third piece is not pictured since it is for an exchange so I can’t share a picture until it is sent off and in the new owners hands :o)

First up is a biscornu that I finished this weekend. This is another one for my friend Brenda.

Green Biscornu

Pattern: Freebie found here.
Fabric: 28ct Lugana in pale green that I once got in a grab bag from Silkweaver.
Thread: DMC Variations #4045
I have stitched this one before in red. (click for picture)

And another biscornu, also for Brenda.

Patriotic Biscornu

Pattern: Freebie found here. (.pdf file)
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen ‘Clay’ from Silkweaver.
Thread: WDW Independence
Beads from Mill Hill
I have done this one before in other colors. (click for picture)

And here is my progress on Fairy Grandmother:

Fairy Grandmother WIP

Pattern: Fairy Grandmother by Lavender & Lace
Fabric: A Silkweaver Solo
Threads: DMC

I had such a fantastic time away. I really needed to get away and spend time with friends. Last week my younger daughter Karítas was jumping on the sofa and fell and hit her head on the sofa table. As I rushed to go and get her something happened in my back and I was completely stuck, I couldn’t move! I have been recovering from that all last week and am feeling a lot better, but I am still sore. I am going to sleep on my heat blanket tonight so that I will be able to go to work tomorrow since I didn’t got to work at all last week, except for Monday. Karítas got two stitches in her forehead. The stitches were removed today and she is doing great. It was so scary when she fell. I am not squeamish at all when it comes to blood, but it is always hard to see your baby bleed :-/
Anyway, it is getting late and I am going to get into bed and read a little. I am almost finished with ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ so exciting!


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13 responses to “A weekend away.

  1. Yeah the weekend was the best… Hope Karítas recovers quickly … Seeing them get hurt is always hard. And doesnðt change as they get older does it? I love that book & I’m reading it again.

    Hugs & kisses

  2. Ása

    Flottir Biscornu púðarnir og alltaf gaman að fylgjast með Fairy Grandmother birtast!
    kv. Ása

  3. Wow, thank you SO much for all the freebie links! Your stitching is lovely, as always. I do hope you feel better soon. Pelle is very good at falling off sofas, beds, tables (!) and stairs as well, so I know how you feel :o)

  4. Eg er abbo. Mig langar ad fara i sumarbusadarferd lika, uhuhu. Koma timar, koma rad.

    Sem betur fer hef eg ekki lent i thessu enntha med minar stelpur (blod og slyso og allt thad) 7, 9, 13 en thetta hefur verid svakalegt og thu ferd i bakinu og allt.

    Eg er lika ad lesa HP, smam saman. Finn tima her og thar. Er ad nalgast endann lika. Vid skulum samt ekki fara i kapp. Thu verdur orugglega a undan ad klara. 🙂

  5. Your biscornus are beautiful!!

    You both had a rough week! I hope both of you are on the mend.

  6. Erla Björk

    Takk fyrir frábæra helgi. Biscornu púðarnir eru æðislegir og gaman að sjá hvað þeir breytast mikið bara við að skipta um lit. Ég á örugglega eftir að nota fríu munstrin.

  7. Your biscornus are beautiful! Fairy Grandmother is also beautiful. I started this one years ago -she’s been a UFO for way too long! 🙂

  8. Kristen from MA

    I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well. Hope you are better soon.

    Your stitching is beautiful – especially the green biscornu!

  9. The biscornus are great, as is your stitching on Fairy Grandmother. Hope you feel a lot better soon.

  10. Your wips and finishes are beautiful.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Your biscornus are wonderful, and you made great progress on Fairy Grandmother. Hope you and Karitas have a speedy recovery.

  12. Oh my goodness! Those biscornus are lovely!!! Brenda is a lucky woman 🙂 And your progress on the Fairy is stunning 🙂 Congrats to you!

    I hope your DD heals quickly it is so scary when something happens to them.

  13. I love your dragonfly biscornu! It’s so beautiful with all those beads.

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