Grateful Hearts Exchange from Chizue in Japan!

I just got home after taking my daughter to the doctor. My little Karítas is sick :-/ Nothing serious, just a cold and a fever. The doc said she would be fine in a couple of days. I hope he is right, I need to get back to work and she needs to feel better.
When I got home I checked to see if there was any mail for me and to my surprise I got a package all the way from Japan! Japan to Iceland, what a trip! I opened it and it was the Grateful Hearts Exchange from Chizue.
She made me this beautiful pinkeep with Drawn Thread’s ‘Linen & Lace’ design on it. It is so delicate and beautiful. And the finishing is just perfect! I love the ribbon she used on the edges.

Grateful Hearts Exchange from Chizue

She also sent me a cute card, some Green Tea and amazing fabrics. I love the prints! And look at the two cute origami birds. So delicate and beautiful!

Grateful Hearts Exchange from Chizue

Thanks for such an amazing exchange Chizue! I am very fascinated with Japan and would love to visit the country sometime. And my favorite food is sushi 😉


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10 responses to “Grateful Hearts Exchange from Chizue in Japan!

  1. Nice stuff. Very beautiful. Japanese fabric is the best.

  2. Very pretty pinkeep. Enjoy your exchange. I hope DD is better soon.

  3. Wonderful exchange! The pinkeep is gorgeous. I hope Karitas gets to feeling better soon.

  4. Beautiful pinkeep! Love the heart shape pearl!!!
    Hope Karítas gets better soon!

  5. Kristen from MA

    What a beautiful exchange!

  6. Another pretty exchange. I’ve never seen ribbon like that before.

    I hope poor baby Karitas is feeling better soon!

  7. Mjög flott stöff sem þú varst að fá 🙂 Ef þú hefur áhuga á að lesa um ferðasögu í Japan, kíktu þá á blogg bróður míns og konunnar hans:

  8. Berglind

    Rosalega flott. Gaman að fá eitthvað sent svona frá annarri álfu.
    Takk aftur fyrir skærapúðann.
    Kveðja Berglind

  9. very nice. I like Japan after my brother lived there for 6 years. Also in Malasya. I love the pinkeep & hope Karítas feels better soon.

  10. Erla Björk

    Mjög fallegt.
    Vonandi hressist Karítas fljótlega.

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