Lusting after new stash!

Honestly! I am going mad! Where is my money tree?

Just Nan’s Christmas Workshop – absolutely stunning, and I love the finishing!
Mirabilia’s 2007 Christmas Tree – so pretty!
Country Cottage Needleworks Daisy – very cute!
Maysons De Maryse Stitching Tray – I absolutely adore this one!


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5 responses to “Lusting after new stash!

  1. looks good & yummy I really like the just nan’s christmas workshop it is adorale.

  2. I like them all, too. I pre-ordered the Just Nan Christmas workshop. And what happens? Twisted Oaks releases an adorable one, too! They’re wonderfully wicked temptresses, those cross-stitch designers. 😉

  3. Those are all nice charts! I want Under the Prairie Moon from LHN 🙂 but I gotta save for that sewing machine :p

  4. You have some great exchanging pieces here and great biscornu.

  5. I should not have come to your blog as now I am going to have to pick some more notes from my money tree too 😉
    Do you like the monochromatic stitching tray or the coloured one better, I like both but it would be ridiculous to buy them both!!!

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