My daughters stitching.

Not cross stitch though. But she has made these two adorable creatures out of felt. The Duck is called Bella and the Monkey is called Panda. She finished the Duck a while ago but the Monkey was finished last night when my stitching friends Guðbjörg and Rósa came over for a little stitching night. Sumarrós got to stay up and stitch with us for a while and decided to finish up this monkey. I think they are adorable and she is so proud of them.

Duck and Monkey

*click for a larger view*

We have had a pretty low key weekend. I finished a project that will remain a secret for a couple of more weeks. I am thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait to show it to ‘the stitching world’  🙂
We went down town today and fed the ducks on the pond and went to Kolaportið a flea market where you can buy anything and everything. I love that place. Sumarrós is feeling well after her surgery and is almost 100%. She has to skip gym at school this week also but otherweise she is good to go 🙂

I know Sumarrós would really appreciate comments on her stitching. She was so excited when I told her that I would post pictures on my blog for the whole world to see 🙂 I hope you all had a great weekend!



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34 responses to “My daughters stitching.

  1. Lena

    Til hamingju með þetta, hún er greinilega gott efni í saumakonu 🙂

    Flott hjá þér, Sumarrós !

  2. Brenda

    They are adorable, honey! It looks like you got your mom’s artistic abilities. Do you think you’ll do more in the future??

  3. Erla Björk

    Æðislega er þetta flott hjá þér Sumarrós. Vonandi heldurðu áfram að sauma.

  4. Sigga

    Glæsilegt ! efnileg saumakona þarna greinilega 🙂

  5. Eins og ég sagði í gærkveldi þá eru þetta æðislegar fígúrur!
    Svakalega ertu dugleg elsku Sumarrós.
    Ég vona að við eigum eftir að fá að sjá meira frá þér.

  6. Vá hvað þeir eru æðislegir þessi tveir Sumarrós þeir eru svo mikil krútt. Þú ert roslega klár…

  7. Rosalega flott hjá þér Sumarrós, þú hefur aldeilis verið dugleg.

  8. Rósa amma

    Elsku Sumarrós þetta er algjört æði Þú getur örugglega orðið jafn klár og mamma þín haltu áfram að vera svona dugleg.
    Rosa flottt

  9. Linda (TX)

    How wonderful! Those are the cutest little creatures. Well done, Sumarros!!

    Linda in Texas

  10. Þeir eru alveg frábærir apinn og öndin þín Sumarrós. Þú ert alveg svakalega dugleg að sauma.
    Flott hjá þér!


  11. Rhonda

    Sumarrós your animals are beautiful! I love thier names too.

    Rhonda in USA

  12. Alveg rosalegar sætar! Thú ert dugleg! Vonandi heldur thu áfram ad sauma:-)
    Kvedja frá Marit í Noregi.

  13. Sissú

    Bella og Panda eru rosalega fallegar og vel saumaðar fígúrur hjá þér Sumarrós! Vonandi fáum við að sjá fleiri bætast í safnið þitt.
    kveðja Sissú

  14. Sumarrós did an awesome job on her stitching projects 🙂

  15. Sveina

    Vá Sumarrós hvða þetta er krúttlegt hjá þér…vonandi áttu eftir að gera fleiri svona og greinilegt að þú hefur saumagenið frá mömmu þinni:)

  16. Ooh, too cute! I guess stitching talent runs in your family. :o) I love her color choices for Panda.

  17. Well done Sumarrós on your lovely animals, I think Bella is my favourite and I can see Panda is going to be a naughty monkeY with that smile 🙂

  18. Great job Sumarros!!! The duck and the monkey are very pretty!

  19. Colleen

    Great work on your animals, they are adorable! So what is next to do on your list…

  20. Amanda

    Those are very cute Sumarros!!! You did a fantastic job on them.

  21. Robyn Walker

    WOW!! Sumarros you did a magnificent job on those adorable little animals sweetheart..I know your mummy is very proud of you ..I hope I get to see more of your beautiful creative sewing:)


  22. Þórhildur Sig.

    En æðislegar fígúrur hjá þér Sumarrós, sætar og vel unnar, Frábært hjá þér.
    Kv. frá Ísafirði,,

  23. Björg "amma"

    Rosalega er þetta flott hjá þér elsku Sumarrós. Apinn og öndin eru mjög krúttleg og þetta er mjög vel gert hjá þér.

  24. Great job Summaros!! I love them both:)

  25. I love the monkey!
    Anna in Pennsylvania, usa

  26. Oh goodness those are adorable. Sumarròs did a beautiful job!

  27. Oh, it’s easy to see that Sumarrós has inherited your talent! The wee beasties are too cute! I’m glad your DD is feeling better after her surgery. Such a worrying time for you, too!

  28. Irene

    Bella and Panda are such cuties ! Sumarros, you have done a great job.

  29. Frabaer saumaskapur hja ther Sumarros. Thu att ekki langt ad saekja haefileikana. Mer finnst thessar figurur alveg geggjadar.

  30. Bella and Panda both look wonderful, well done.

  31. Sumarros definitely takes after her talented mother! Her duck and monkey are just gorgeous! 😀

  32. Great job, they are both so cute!!

  33. Those are soooo pretty, Sumarrós. Congratulations on finishing them. I never finished anything when I was a little girl. 🙂

  34. Oh my goodness! They are wonderful!! You did a great job honey!!
    Sherry from Canada

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