Saturday again.

Somehow, this week just flew by me. I was busy with work and lots of other fun things. The most fun was that I got a haircut (I love getting my hair done) on Wednesday and went to a new place that I had never been to before and I think that I have found THE place to get my hair done at. I am very happy with my new cut and I am even more happy to have all the dye cut out finally. So now I am wearing my own hair color and I really like it.

new haircut

There is a music festival going on in Reykjavík now called Iceland Airwaves. I love this festival and have gone to see at least some of it for many years except in 2005 when Karítas was just a new born. I went on Thursday and saw an amazing show featuring some of my friends and I had such a wonderful time. The concerts were amazing and my favorite was probably Sam Amidon. The arrangements of his songs, done by Nico Muhly were absolutely beautiful and it felt like I was listening to fairy tales. Beautiful!

I haven’t done much stitching lately, but I have been working on Shepherd’s Bush In My Garden Needle Roll and am getting very close to having it done. I will hopefully finish it up today or this evening.

I have a question of the week once a week for my Icelandic stitching group and this week I asked about scissors and if the stitchers have any favorite ones. Below is a picture of my scissor collection as of today. My favorite ones are probably the red ones I got from Tessa in the Freebie Exchange over at SBEBB and the orange ones that my friend Aiste gave to me. The large ones with the black handles are used for cutting fabric only and are very good for that use. The cutest ones are the tiny black ones. They are just so adorable and I love their shape!

My scissor collection as of October 20th 2007

Sumarrós thanks you all for your comments on her sewing. She says that she is going to keep learning new things and also make more of those animals in the future. She hasn’t decided on her next project, but told me that she was playing around with the idea of making an elephant 🙂
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with lots of stitching!


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4 responses to “Saturday again.

  1. Your new hair cut suits you perfectly sweetie. And I like the colour too. I have to answer the question on the group too – it is quick as I have only got 2 scissors. LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Love your hair. Where did you get it cut? Hope you enjoy Iceland Airwaves.

  3. Nice hair cut Linda, and I love your hair
    colour. Why ever would you colour it???

    Tell Sumarros that I was amazed and delighted
    by her sewing projects. I think that Monkey
    is adorable, and who doesn’t love ducks.
    Hmmmm….do you think that she would give me
    a few lessons????

    Nice scissors collection. I only have one
    pair of scissors … the stork ones. I
    love your little collection of fobs too.

    I’ve nominated your blog for a “Smile” award.


  4. Nice haircut! It suits you very well!

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