New stash.

I took a picture of some of the stash I have been getting recently. I have also gotten some NN threads but some of them are on back order (but I got an e-mail today saying that they are on their way to me) so I will post a picture once all of them are here.

Recent stash.

From Vikky Clayton – AMAP Victoria’s Quaker with silks, ladybug and bee pins, random silks and a cute sheep button.
From 123stitch – Piecemakers needles (5 cards with size 26 and 5 cards with size 28), LHN’s ‘Garden Pleasures’ with the CC and GAST floss. Also the CC floss for LHN’s Curly Q Ewe that I got the chart for the other day.
From Sew and So – HIH’s ‘Blue Bird Sampler’ and ‘Redbird Sampler’ and ‘Buzzzz’.

I started stitching on Lady Scarlett that Rósa gave to me for my birthday on Sunday night and I am going to continue stitching her tonight. I have also been thinking about Christmas presents for this year.

On Thursday I am having a craft night at my office. We did this last year before Christmas and had an open craft night once a week in the meeting room at work. People would just bring whatever they wanted to, or even just write their Christmas cards. It was a lot of fun and I decided to start them again this year. I just hope someone will show up! LOL! If not, then I at least have a lot of peace and quiet to stitch by myself! LOL!


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10 responses to “New stash.

  1. Vá tvö blogg á mínútu hehehe. dásamlegt stöff væri sko til í að skoða það up close & personal…

  2. Erla Björk

    Vá hvað þetta er allt girnilegt. Greinilega gaman hjá þér þegar pósturinn kemur.

  3. Great stash you have there! Also, love the pinkeeps and the needleroll … especially love the little bee pins at the top of the pinkeeps – they really finish them off beautifully 🙂 Great haircut too 😀

  4. Great stash!!!! The craft night at the office is a great idea..hope lots of people join you that day 🙂 …well not to many actually because then you won’t be able to concentrate on your stitching…have fun!

  5. WOW Great stash sweetie!!

  6. I think Curly Q Ewe and Garden Pleasures complement each other so well…
    I’ve tried one of those partnership Crescent Colours/LHN (pumpkins) and I find that Crescent Colours threads are well worth the investment.
    The VK threads are stunning. Yummy!!! It’s such pleasure to stitch with silks…
    And I can’t help laughing because we have so much in common… I am currently stitching the red bird sampler… Lol!
    Lots of hugs,

  7. Wow! Lots of new stash you have there. Enjoy!

  8. Til hamingju með nýja lagerinn 😉

  9. Hi Linda,

    Oh, I love those two Shepherd’s Bush needle
    keepers that you stitched and put together.
    The designs are so pretty and colourful.
    I don’t have any Shepherd’s Bush charts yet,
    but these two charts may well have to be
    added to my wish list.

    What yummy stash you’ve got there. Those threads
    are so beautiful, and the charts look really nice, with a nice range of choice. Looks like you’re going to be busy for awhile.

    Hmmmm. A book meme eh? Since you’ve tagged me I’ll have to read this over and think about the answers. By the way, the DiVinci Code was quite good actually, but Angels and Demons was better.
    But too much hype isn’t good for any thing, be it book or movie or whatever. It builds up peoples expectations too much, and ruins the posibility of enjoying the book for it’s own merit.

    Have I mentioned before that I like your hair cut?? I haven’t dyed my hair since I was a teenager and put highlights in. I’m too chicken I think.


  10. Wow! That’s alot of great stash 🙂

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