More biscornus.

I am still at home so I try to use my time well. I am not that sick anymore, but I have no energy and just don’t feel well enough to go back to work yet. I talked to my boss today and I am going to go back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and stay for half a day to begin with and then just take it from there. Maybe I will feel like staying a full day but I doubt it. Oh well, I guess I will find out once I actually show up there.

I have mostly been sleeping a lot. But I have also done some stitching. I have two biscornu finishes and they are both Christmas gifts. I am not telling who they are for because I am not 100% sure that the people that will receive them don’t read my blog. So at the moment they are for X and Z 🙂

Four Little Heart biscornu

Four Little Hearts – Indigo Rose
32ct Raw Opalescent Belfast and NN thread

Black and red biscornu, front and back:

Black and red biscornu

Pattern from my old Icelandic pattern books
28ct Black and Red Jobelan and NN thread
Black and Red biscornu - back

Last week I got my OTT-lite. I got one of these in pink (off course). My friend Brenda bought it for me (she actually bought two, one for me and one for my friend Aiste) and sent it to me and I payed her back. The lamps were cheap, the shipping was a little expensive and then I had to buy a voltage converter. But guess what? Buying two lamps, and the shipping and the converters were cheaper than buying one of these lamps here in Iceland! How insane is that? I don’t know where I would be without my friends across the pond! Seriously. I don’t think I would be able to afford my hobby if it wasn’t for those sweet helpful ladies that are always willing to help me out when I need help and even when I don’t 🙂 I love you guys!


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8 responses to “More biscornus.

  1. Both biscornus are lovely!! Great job Linda.

  2. I love how you use the different color fabrics on the front and back! I’m going to have to try that.

  3. Erla Björk

    Æðislega flottir Biscornu púðar. Ekkert smá heppnar manneskjur sem fá svona flottar jólagjafir.

  4. flottir eins og altaf ég var að pæla í að kíkja á þig í dag pínu á meðan Hafsteinn var á leiklistarnámskeiðinu en var ekki viss um þú værir heima. Hefði átt að hringja bara.

  5. They are lovely hun! Very nice job!

  6. Hi Sweetie! Those are very pretty biscornus! You must love that Indigo Rose pattern 🙂 I like it as well. I hope you are back to normal soon! The holidays are coming fast and you can’t be sick! Congrats on your Ott-Lite. I love mine. I can’t believe they are so expensive there. That’s crazy! I guess we have it good here in the US.

  7. Þeir eru náttla bara geggjað!! Ég er gjörsamlega ástfangin af Ingdigo Rose púðanum…

  8. Your biscornus are lovely. Great work. I also
    like todo thease . M

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