New design.

Those of you who subscribe to The Gift Of Stitching Magazine, you might have seen a familiar name in the December Issue. I got featured as a designer again in this wonderful stitching magazine and it is such an honor to be published with the wonderful and talented designers that also got featured in the issue. Among them are Blue Ribbon Designs, Jo Mason of Dinky-Dyes, Debbie Draper Designs, Olde Willow Stitchery, Giulia Punti Antichi and many more.

Here is a picture of my design. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the finished needle roll before I mailed it off to Australia, but this is the picture that was in the magazine. I hope this gives you a general idea about how it looks. It was finished off with green and off-white ribbon on top and bottom.

This Is Christmas Needleroll

This Is Christmas Needleroll

This Is Christmas Needleroll by Linda Litlaskvís
Published in TGOSM December 2007 Issue


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15 responses to “New design.

  1. Beautiful needleroll. You are so talented. This is just the beginning for you. Hope to see many more of your designs.

  2. Stunning!! You deserve the honor, you are a very talented lady:)

  3. Once again, Linda, it is gorgeous! Definitely a must stitch! I love the beaded garland on the Christmas tree. I hope you have many more publishings in the future 🙂

  4. Congratulations Linda…your design is lovely! It’s in my To-Do list 🙂

  5. Snilld.

    Þetta er geggjuð hönnun og ég er vanalega ekki hrifin af jólamyndum en þetta er pottþétt eitthvað sem ég væri til í að gera.

  6. I was there to tell you I’d noticed your design in there! It’s gorgeous, Linda!

  7. Kristen from MA

    It’s lovely! I hope to see more of your designs in TGOS! (LOVED your biscornu.)

  8. gingeroni

    Hi Linda – I saw this in TGOSM!! I saved it cause I really like it and I love needlerolls. Thanks for making this for us! and congrats for publication.

  9. Berglind

    Hæ Linda.
    Mjög flott rúlla hjá þér. Vildi að ég væri svona dugleg í útsaumnum.
    Berglind garnaflækja

  10. Julia Paris

    Hello Linda,
    I would like you to know that I really really like your needleroll in the TGOSM. You’ve done a lovely design. I would like to get this stitched up for Christmas this year but think it will be more realistic for next year. Thanks.
    Julia in Canada

  11. Congratulations, Linda! I thought your design was clearly one of the best in TGOSM this issue. It’s a darling piece. Maybe I can stitch it for next Christmas! I’m so swamped this year!! Christmas always seems to come so early!! Hugs, Deb

  12. It is stunning, I just need to find where I can buy some gingham fabric to stitch it for next christmas.

  13. It’s beautiful, congratulations, what a wonderful design. Somehow it looks very Nordic to me 🙂

  14. Your needleroll in TGOSM is truly divine – it’s one of the few items on my “must stitch” list out of that issue! Your designing skills are wonderful – it’s always a treat to see what you will come up with next 😀

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