Biscornu and a scissor case and fob.

I have a friend in Arizona who is very dear to me. I went to visit her and her DH (while they lived in TX) last year for a stitching retreat and fell in love with both of them. I mean, how can you not? They are such amazing people! I got her name in a Christmas Pal Exchange in our stitching group I was super excited. She likes Dragonflies so since I had been itching to stitch Elizabeth’s Designs ‘Dragonfly’ I decided to make her a biscornu and a scissor case (I wanted to try out that finishing technique) to match. I also made a tiny little fob to go with it and included some tiny scissors.






I am so happy that she got her gift and that she liked it. I sure had a lot of fun stitching it and doing the finishing. I decided to add some dragonflies to it and make it a little more fun. I also changed the thread colors since Tracy loves purple and I wanted the flowers to be purple.

Her DH Ron also got a gift from me. The black and red biscornu that I posted about some time ago was for him 🙂 He loved his biscornu. I am so happy since I had never made a biscornu for a guy before!


Update: Anita asked me what threads I used.

The blue/purple variegated thread used for the flowers was a gift from Aniza and she dyed it herself and gave it to me along with the pattern. The thread that I used for the leaves is Needle Necessities #169.


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23 responses to “Biscornu and a scissor case and fob.

  1. Geðveikt flott og sniðugt að gefa manninum hennar eitthvað líka.

  2. Wow this is so beautiful. I’m sure she loved it.

  3. OH MY!!!! This is gorgeous…the fabric with the thread you chose is perfect and your stitching is just as perfect and gorgeous! What a work of love!!!! CONGRATS!

  4. That is some of the most amazing stitching I have ever seen. Your friend is going to be thrilled to BITS when she gets it!

  5. beautiful gift…those tiny dragonflies are so cute! your friend is a lucky lady!

  6. What a gorgeous set of smalls! You dis an outstanding job on the stitching an finishing, they’re amazing.

  7. I love the colors you picked. It is so beautiful. Do you mind sharing what threads did you use? I have the pattern and the green threads that come with the kit. But I love your choice better. It is on my to do list next year.

  8. They are all gorgeous!! Congrats on the supberb job:)

  9. ladybugfae

    This whole set looks so wonderful. Amazing, amazing job. So professional looking.

    — Danielle

  10. I am sure TDee and Ron loved them hun, you did an amazing job!!!

  11. I love the colors you chose. You are so great at picking fabric and threads! It is a beautiful set! Very nice cording, too!

  12. Wow! What beautiful pieces 🙂

  13. These are really nice! Very pretty work you’ve done!

  14. Gorgeous set of stitching ‘smalls’. Very pretty colours.

  15. So beautiful, Linda. I’m sure she will love it. And congratulations on your design in TGOSM. It’s lovely. :o)

  16. Hi Linda,

    I’m so sorry to read that you’ve been sick with a nasty bug/virus/plague thing for the past little while. Hope that the worst is over and you’re beginning to feel normal again. It’s not nice being sick around the Christmas season.

    Congratulations on being featured once again in Gift of Stitching magazine. The little needle roll that you designed is very pretty.

    The biscornu and the scissor holder set that you stitched is gorgeous!!! It’s one of the most beautiful sets that I’ve seen up to now. The design is lovely, and you’ve stitched it so beautifully, and the threads that you’ve used are so pretty. And I love the fabric that you stitch them on. In the pictures it looks grey. Is that correct?? No wonder your friend was pleased. What a treasure.

    I liked seeing your stitching area. It looks quite comfortable. Everything that you need close to hand.

    Take care.

  17. Wow, these are wonderful!! Congratulations, they look amazing.

  18. It is soooooo beautiful!!! YOu chose the right fabric/threads. Your friend must have been so excited when she got it 😉


  20. Wow! What an impressive set of smalls! Your stitching and finishing is simply beautiful…!!

  21. Wow, your dragonfly biscornu/scissor set is absolutely stunning! I hope you don’t mind, but I might have to steal your idea and make one very similar – it’s awesome!! If you haven’t done it already, you should send the designer a note to show her, I’m sure she’d be thrilled with the result as well! 😀

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