Two finishes, WIP and more.

Yes I have been busy! December is always a busy month. A good kind of busy if you ask me.
I have been baking, cleaning, shopping, working, stitching, organizing, cooking, planning, dancing, jumping and running around like a mad woman. But I like it 🙂 It has been a good month so far. We have decorated the house a little (I never put up a lot of decorations since I don’t own that much and have don’t have a good place to store it) and the girls have put up their Christmas stockings.
I have been working on mine. There is no way I will get it done by Christmas :-/ But, there is always next year!

Stitchers Studio Stocking

I also have two small finishes, and both are Christmas Trees.

Swirly Christmas Tree

Pattern: Swirly Christmas Tree by Helga Mandl
Fabric: 36ct Opalescent White Linen
DMC Variations 4045 and silver/clear beads and a silver heart on top

Christmas Tree

Pattern: Christmas Tree by Lynda Baldauf – Scandinavian Stitches (JCS Ornament Issue 2007)
Fabric: 32ct Silkweaver Solo in a green-ish color
Threads: DMC Variations 4045

The pattern is designed with a star on top but I decided not to stitch that. It is also designed with stitched hearts in the tree but I decided to stitch just the tree and then I added these cute red jingle bells that I found while shopping for Christmas presents on Saturday.

I have also gotten some stash recently. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amy – Down Sunshine Lane. She is wonderful to do business with and my order came here really fast.


Two Scissors, one pink ones and the gold Seaton Scissors.
From Just Nan, Autumn, Winter and Summer Spell with the Whimzi Frames.
A Quaker Christmas by ByGone Stitches.
Red Lace Sewing Case by The Drawn Thread.
Snowflakes by Little House Needleworks (with threads).
Nature’s Alphabet by Elizabeth’s Designs.

If anyone out there has the Spring Spell with frame and is willing to part with it (for either $$ or a trade or something) please, please let me know as that is the only one I am missing!

Today I spent mostly cleaning and everything is almost spotless. I have Sumarrós’s room, the kitchen and the living room left to do. I am going to clean Sumarrós’s bedroom with her. It needs a cleaning so badly and she is going to help out this time around. She is getting old enough to take care of her own room (to a point off course) so this Christmas cleaning will be done together.
I just have to share this cute picture I took of Karítas to day while she was ‘helping’ her mom clean the house. Teach them while they are young I say! ROFL!

Kartas cleaning


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12 responses to “Two finishes, WIP and more.

  1. fyrra tréið er ekkert smá sætt 😉
    hitt reyndar líka en það fyrra greip mig algerlega 😀
    til hamingju með þessi klár 🙂

  2. Linda both trees are wonderful!! Wow your girls are getting so big. I love when they are the age when they love to sweep and try to help clean. I miss my kids being little sometimes, this time of year especially!! Your stitching is beautiful honey and I love your design in the GOSM!
    Happy Holidays honey!!!
    Love and Hugs,

  3. Your daughter is adorable! The trees are great. I like what you did with the Swirly tree, and wish I’d thought to bead mine that way. I also see why I had such a hard time with the curves. I didn’t stitch the funny angles in long stitches, but tried to get the half-way points! Oh, duh. =)

  4. Ég elska hvað svona lítil munstur eru geðveikislega flott í einfaldleika sínum. Bjöllurnar eru geggjaðar á þessu seinna.
    Karítas er náttla mesta dúllan, rétt búin að tylla höndunum í hanskana og að sópa. Þau eru svo yndisleg á þessum aldri þessar elskur.
    Ég vona að Karítas sé ekki mikið veik og ef þetta er hlaupabóla að hún muni sleppa vel úr henni.

  5. Mér finnst bara bæði trén jafn flott og það gengur greinilega vel með jólasokkinn.
    Alltaf gott að fá hjálp með þrifin…hehehe….

  6. Love your swirly tree! And your little girl is very cute!

  7. kathy

    Love the trees. Wish I had your little helper to help me. Happy stitching Hugs, Kathy

  8. What a cute picture of Karítas 🙂
    Both trees are lovely…I like the way you personalized the with charms and jingle bells.

  9. Wonderful stitching. What a great new stash collection. I wish I can help you with the JN Spring spell, I only have Autumn spell, so you are way ahead of me..:)

  10. Me again.. needlecraft corners have the Spring spell at half price off.

  11. Oh my, your daughter is ADORABLE! That photo of her “cleaning” sure did make me smile. : )

    It’s a pleasure each time I visit your blog – your stitching is fantastic, and you sure have great taste. ;- )

    Wishing you ALL a wonderful Christmas!

  12. Flott eins og alltaf Linda mín … En hún Karítas er bara krúttleg við heimilisstörfin. Vildi að ég tæki mig svona vel út með kústinn í höndunum.

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