Stash, Pillow Case and other things.

I am so happy it is Sunday. It has been a wonderful day. I did some cleaning (not that that is fun, but it is always fun when it is done) and laundry and then me and my daughters went to my parents house for ‘kaffitími’ at 4pm. Kaffitími is a very Icelandic thing I believe. And so my friend Joe tells me also. He is American and lived here for a couple of years and he still talks about how he misses kaffitími the most. Kaffitími is usually on Saturday and/or Sunday, somewhere between 3-5pm and families and friends gather and have drinks, snacks, usually something home made like hot chocolate or coffee, muffins, ‘kleinur‘ chocolate cake or anything you feel like putting out for your guests. We eat, and drink, talk and laugh. It is so much fun. This Sunday my fathers sister and her family was there also and it was nice to see them. I haven’t seen them since Christmas time.

While at my parents house, I was going through their computer and found a good picture of me and my sisters taken on Christmas Eve last year. I remember asking my mom to take a picture of the three of us since we hadn’t had our picture taken all together since we were little. And now we are all grown, but still pretty as ever 😉

Christmas Eve 2007

From left to right: Me (born in 1978), Gyða (born in 1983) and Fanney (born in 1987). Aren’t we a gorgeous set of sisters? 🙂

I also wanted to show you how my genius of a mother finished up my Lizzie*Kate 12 Blessings Of Christmas, that I finished last year, into a pillow case.

Lizzie*Kate 12 Days of Christmas

The back is lined with the most beautiful dark red velvet

Backing fabric

I just love it! Now I just have to stuff it and it will be all ready for display next Christmas 🙂 Thanks mom for all the help!

Last week I got an order from Stitching Bits and Bobs.

Some stashing

Threads for ‘A Quaker Christmas’, Just Nan’s Spring Spell Whimzi, 32ct Basketweave Lakeside Linens and 28ct Graziano Linen Windowpane Natural / Cream.

I am going to change the thread colors in ‘A Quaker Christmas’ and the green is going out for red, the red for green but the gold is staying. I want the piece to me more red than green so I picked some pretty colors.

Threads for A Quaker Christmas

Crescent Colours Englis Ivy, Ye Olde God and Bing Cherry.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on my Tutorial. Maybe I will make some more in the future, I had a lot of fun making it. And believe it or not, the visits to my blog were 703 visits just yesterday! Incredible! Thanks so much 🙂


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7 responses to “Stash, Pillow Case and other things.

  1. Þið systur eruð náttúrulega fjallmyndarlegar… Púðinn er geggjaður og næyja saumadótið ÆÐI…

  2. En þið sætar systur og púðinn ekki síðri. Alltaf jafn girnilegt saumadót sem þú pantar.

  3. En æðisleg mynd af ykkur systrunum. Gaman að eiga svona mynd.
    Púðin er geðveikur og mamma þín snillingur.
    ég þarf greinilega að fara að kíkja í heimsókn til þín og sjá nýja dótið þitt.

  4. Kristen from MA

    Yes, you are a gorgeous set of sisters! And your daughters are as well!

    The pillow case is adorable 🙂

  5. Þið eruð stórglæsilegar systurnar.

    Ætlarðu virkilega að sofa á þessari flottu mynd!!! Ég myndi aldrei tíma að búa til kodda úr henni. Miklu fremur púða. Þú hefðir átt að biðja mömmu þína að búa til púðaver en ekki koddaver.

  6. Great picture of you and your sisters! I love how you finished your L*K’s. Great job:)

  7. Sveina

    hehe Sonja þú ert svo fyndin;)…ég held að það verði ekki mikið sofið á þessum kodda þar sem það eru 12.stk af charms á honum,ekki kannski þægilegasti koddi í heimi,þetta verður örugglega bara til skrauts hjá henni Lindu…

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