Another Four Little Hearts Biscornu.

Tired of this pattern already? Well I am not. LOL! I love this pattern for biscornus.
This one is for my mother’s sister Hulda. I made one for her (exactly like this one) for Christmas but somehow after I wrapped it up, it got lost. I don’t know how, but it did. So I made her a new one. My mom is one of four sisters and I have made biscornus for all of them out of this same pattern, on the same fabric, but all in different colors.

Four Little Hearts Biscornu - Blue

Pattern: Four Little Hearts by Indigo Rose
Fabric: 32ct Opalescent Raw Belfast Linen
Thread: Needle Necessities

My mom got a red one.
Her sister Berglind got a pink one.
Her sister Svala got a green one.
And now Hulda has the blue one.

Four Little Hearts, for four amazing sisters :o)


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11 responses to “Another Four Little Hearts Biscornu.

  1. Jóna

    Mikið ofsalega er þetta fallegt hjá þér Linda mín og sætt að gefa þeim öllum eins en samt hverri sinn sértaka lit.

    Kíkti líka neðar í myndasafnið þit og mikið óskaplega ertu búin að gera mikið að fallegu og frábærlega vönduðu.
    Virkilega gaman að sjá þetta.

  2. The others are cute, but this one is my favorite!!!

  3. Hann er æðislega flottur svona blár. Sniðugt hjá þér að gefa öllum sama munstrið.

  4. Geðveikur eins og hinir þrír. Þú ert svo rosalega dugleg.

  5. úlala…
    It’s just gorgeous like the others.
    I love it and now I have to make one myself.


  6. I love looking at all the different color combinations…and in one spot! That’s unusual, and wonderful. :o)

  7. I love all the colors combination. They are so pretty.

  8. Wow! I am not sure which is my favorite now. They are wonderful!

  9. They are all beautiful and I love this pattern too.

  10. Lori Kinney

    Lovely, lovely work! I love all the biscournus and scissor holders! You and your sisters are gorgeous! Models? You are very talented. May I come back her often to see your work?
    Connecticut, USA

  11. I stitched this pattern for biscornus several times, always with the same pleasure. Yours is very cute, and I will try once with one color only. Congratulations.

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