First tin finish, and second PIF gift.

I have wanted to do a tin finish forever. I got some tins from Becky so I have been building up courage to give this finishing technique a try for a long time now. So yesterday I just went for it. I had stitched the perfect little design and wanted to make it one of my PIF gifts. This one is for Aiste. And I know how much Aiste loves these tins so I had the perfect gift.

This was a little harder than I thought it would be, but since it was my first time making a tin, I am sure it will get easier. I sure learned a whole lot from it.

Top of tin

Top of tin.
Pattern: ‘All You Need Is Love’ freebie from The Drawn Thread
Fabric: 40ct White Linen
Threads: Kreinik Silk Mori
Buttons and pins from my stash

Side of tin

Side view

Inside of tin
Open view – I put two magnets on the inside of the lid to store needles on.

I already have lots of ideas for more tins. Now to get to them!

And Aiste, I will call you soon and we will figure out a way to get this little PIF gift to you. I am staying home tomorrow since Sumarrós is sick, so you could come by if you are around. If not, we will figure something out 🙂 I hope you like your PIF gift sweetie!


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10 responses to “First tin finish, and second PIF gift.

  1. Ég er ekkert smá öfundsjúk út í Aiste. Þetta er svo fallegt.

  2. geggjað flott Linda. Aiste verður pottþétt ánægð með þetta.

  3. It’s gorgeous! you sure did a great job for a first time finish.
    I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  4. It’s a very pretty tin! Congrats! 🙂

  5. Kristen from MA

    It’s lovely Linda!

  6. Aiste

    Oh yeah. That comes to me!!! I am so happy happy happy! I love all kinds of tins and Linda so knew how to make me very very happy! It is so so lovely tin! I cant wait to see it!
    Thank you Linda very very much!!!

  7. Your first ever tin is gorgeous and so are your biscornu and scissor case, thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Geggjað. Eins og allt sem þú gerir Linda.

  9. Geggjað. Eins og allt sem þú gerir Linda.

    Láttu mig vita ef þú þarft fleiri svona dósir, með eða án nammisins. Ha ha ha.

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