Lady’s Scarlett’s Secret Garden Finished!

How much mess can you make while finishing things? Just look at my table :o)

Finishing table.
Two pretty ladies

But aren’t they pretty? I loves it!


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21 responses to “Lady’s Scarlett’s Secret Garden Finished!

  1. Vá.. vá.. vá…
    Absolutely stunning, sweetheart!
    I can’t wait to see it and pet it.

  2. Gorgeous. You just reminded me, I have the ladybird.

  3. They’re beautiful! And I’m really jealous of your lovely big table to work on 🙂

  4. Vá! hvað þær eru flottar.

  5. Hi Linda,

    As always when I visit your blog I look at
    the photo’s of all the incredible things that
    you do with your needle and thread and am amazed.

    The Ladybug finish is lovely, and it was neat to
    see it stitched in two different colour ways. The
    designer for Just Nan designs manages to find some wonderful accessories for her designs.

    Your first tin finish also turned out very well, and I love that little design that you chose to stitch for it, and the colours used for the trim.
    And the buttons and pins that you used to accessorize this piece are perfect for it. What a treasure this will be for your friend.

    And of course there are your wonderful biscornus, which I look forward to seeing most of all. I really like the one in pink that you made to go with the scissors case that you also made. Very nice set indeed.

    Your new stash delivery had some great things in it. I love the new scissors. And I can’t wait to see those two biscornus stitched up.


  6. Oh how beautiful, congratulations!

  7. So pretty. Great stash too!

  8. They are gorgeous!! Fantastic finishing:)

  9. You’ve been tagged! Check out my blog.

  10. I am envious, those are so pretty and the stash is awesome!

  11. Charlene

    How lovely! My Dear, you just think you’ve got a mess. I wouldn’t dare share a photo of my crafting room right now.

  12. What an amazing job! And on the tin too! Not to mention your ever lovely biscornus… Yummy!!!
    Congratulations, Linda!

  13. Berglind

    Sæl Linda.
    ÉG var að kíkja í gegnum heimasíðuna þína og dást af öllu því sem þú ert búin að setja inn síðan ég kíkti síðast. Þetta er allt þvílíkt flott hjá þér!
    Berglind- Garnaflækja

  14. These are so so pretty. Makes me yearn for spring here in the midst of winter. I love the bicornu you did too.

  15. Katrín

    You call that a mess? wait till you see my table 🙂

  16. It is gorgeous, who cares about the mess when things turn out so well!!. You also got some very nice stash there.

  17. They are so sweet Linda! love them!

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