New WIP and a cute little finish.

Since I have been working like a crazy woman lately, I decided I needed something fun to stitch. I have always wanted to stitch a childhood friend of mine, Barbapapa, on some piece of clothing for myself. He is cute, pink, adorable and I have been a fan as long as I can remember. I think I am about one and a half year old in this picture. Barbapapa and Barbamama were painted on a wall at my mothers friend house and I LOVED going there (so says my mom, I am afraid I can’t remember).

Linda and her best friend.

So yes, he has been with me for as long as I can remember. I used to watch him on TV, I used to have loads of books, figurines and all kinds of stuff related to him and his family. Then he was gone. There was no chance to get anything Barbapapa related for years. A couple of years ago, he came back! Woohoo! Now, I have all kinds of Barbapapa related stuff again! But I can always use more! Hence, the stitching on a piece of clothing.
I stitched this using waste canvas on a black long sleeve shirt that I bought for this project. The fabric is very nice and warm so I will be able to use this a lot. I found a picture on-line and charted him up and started stitching. This is the outcome:


The fabric in the shirt has lycra in it so it stretches a lot, but I think he turned out so cute! (Pardon the dust on the shirt, I hadn’t washed it when I took the picture)

I also have a new WIP. I wanted to start a new Little House Needleworks project since I finished Curly Q Ewe the other day. I picked Schoolgirl Lessons as my next LHN project and here is my start as of yesterday.

Schoolgirl Lessons WIP

Pattern: Little House Needleworks – Schoolgirl Lessons
Fabric: 32ct Lakeside Linens Basketweave
Thread: Needle Necessities Inc. #129

My parents came and picked up my girls and took them to the country side. I was going to go to work, but decided to stay home and clean my house a little and do laundry and stitch. Sumarrós’s friend is coming over to spend the night so it should be a fun evening. I decided to enjoy the quiet time while it lasted and not spend it at work 😉 I am off to hang laundry and stitch!


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9 responses to “New WIP and a cute little finish.

  1. love it love it love it & Karítas does look like you I can see that looking at that picture of you.

  2. cozyegg

    Your new start is beautiful and I just love Barbapapa! I read one of those books when I was little!

  3. Irene

    I’ve never heard of Barbapapa, but I can see why you love him. The shirt is so cute ! Great start on the LHN.

  4. You were so adorable as a child (and still are)
    Barbapapa is the cutest and I love the shirt.
    I’m looking forward to see more of your LHN project.
    Take care sweetie.

  5. Your cartoon shirt is so cute!

  6. Oh, I also love Barbababas and feel sad because my kids don´t !! He looks just gorgeous on your shirt. Can you imagine that Schoolgirl lessons will be next project for me after Curly Q Ewe !! I have so much exchanges so it might be summer when I have time to stitch it.

  7. Love the Barbapapa stitching it is so cute!

  8. Hann er ótrúlega mikið krútt.

  9. I remember Barbapapa!!! I liked that cartoon whn I was little :o) Your shirt looks great!

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