Schoolgirl Lessons Finished!

I finished this one last night while watching Juno with my cousin Bjarki. If you haven’t seen Juno, it is worth seeing. I also watched Persepolis on Saturday and it was absolutely amazing! You should all watch it as soon as you can!

Schoolgirl Lessons - Finished

Pattern by Little House Needleworks
Fabric: Lakeside Linen 32ct Basketweave
Thread: NN #129 2 over 2

This was a really fun and fast stitch. I am pretty sure I will stitch this pattern again some day! Now I need to find a pattern for the Pinkeep exchange that is happening in my Icelandic Cross Stitch Group. I have some ideas, I just need to find the perfect pattern & fabric & threads!


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7 responses to “Schoolgirl Lessons Finished!

  1. Auðvitað vill maður vera með í svona lottói 🙂 Hver vill ekki eiga meistaraverk eftir þig !

    kv Lena

  2. School girl Lessons turned out very nice. I just received my pattern for it in the mail over the weekend. Juno is one of my favorite movies. I saw it with my daughter and it comes out tomorrow on DVD and we are going to buy it and watch it again!

  3. How BEAUTIFUL!!
    I love the pattern and LOVE the thread.

  4. I love it! Great job 🙂

  5. Lovely finish!! That red thread is beautiful!

  6. Love this design, I have it in my to do pile, love the colour of thread you have used.

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