Win a Pinkeep.

Since Spring is slowly but surely showing it’s face around, I decided to have a drawing here on my blog.
All you have to do is comment on this post with your name (and be sure to fill out the field with your e-mail addy so that if you don’t have a blog, I can contact you) and you will be put in the draw. I will have my daughter draw from the list of names on Monday April 21st so that leaves you a week to enter. There are no obligations! If your name is drawn, you will win this pinkeep, made by me. It is something I started and finished today while staying home with a very well behaved sick baby.


Pattern: Buzzzz by Bent Creek
Threads: GAST, WDW and DMC
Buttons: from my stash
Fabric: 32ct Ice Blue Lugana
The fabric in the background is the backing fabric

Anyone can enter, you don’t have to be a stitcher and there are no obligations. This is only for fun 🙂 Maybe I will add something to the prize, who knows! Anyway, comment if you want to enter!


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118 responses to “Win a Pinkeep.

  1. Brenda

    OK…I’ll comment! I love it!!! LOL

  2. Björg "amma"

    Þetta er náttúrulega bara klikkað flott eins og allt annað úr þessari smiðju.

  3. The picture is not coming through my work filters, but I’m familiar with the pattern. It’s a cute one. Please add me.

  4. Rhonda

    Hey Linda, it’s adorable, hope the baby is well soon. Please enter me in your drawing. I’d love to have it to show off. ;0)

  5. Rebecca Lake

    I would love to win something like this – it is adorable. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks.

  6. Lovely!! I can not make a pin keep so would love to be able to enter for one! Hope your baby is feeling better soon – it just breaks your heart when they feel so poorly!


  7. Brenda F - boxerlady2

    What a lovely pin keep. You are such a talented lady. I would love to win this and show it off to my friends in Michigan USA!!

  8. Æðislegt eins og allt annað sem kemur frá þér,
    hvað eru aftur margir klukkutímar í þínum sólarhring? 72?????

  9. TDee

    It’s wonderful! I love the way you grouped the pins together. Now I need to do another one. LOL


  10. Karin W. Eakin

    What a great blog! I stole a few moments to look through it. Your work is beautiful. I wish I were as diligent in recording my stitching. Maybe I can learn from all of those at TGOSM.

    Where are you located, Linda? I’m of Swedish heritage and have a few family members still there.

    I would love to win the pin keep. Bees are a favorite theme of mine. Fingers crossed here!

  11. Viv

    This is just lovely – my finishing skills are non existent, so the only way I could get one of these is to win one, lol!!

  12. cozyegg

    Oh, what a beautiful pinkeep! Please enter me for the drawing. Email is artbuff at hotmail dot com.

  13. Bonnie

    I love your site. Thankyou for sharing all your wonderful stitching with us.

    I would love to win something like this


  14. Jana Peterson

    Beautiful job! Love the blog! I’m glad you have a baby that is good while he/she is sick.

  15. Valerie M

    Sure, I’ll comment. Your blog is lovely and you do a great job keeping up with posts. Hope your baby feels well soon.

    Valerie from CT & the LHN Board

  16. I’m in. Your a genious girl…

  17. Colleen

    Okay I love it…and of course I am entering!!! giggle

  18. Sherre

    It’s beautiful! I hope your little one is well soon. I enjoy reading your blog and following your stitching accomplishments!

  19. Dagný Ásta

    þú ert ótrúleg!
    ekkert smá sætt munstur 🙂

  20. sessý

    þetta er sko bara æðislegt 🙂

  21. What a neat idea to see locations of where people are that read what you do. I’ve always enjoyed looking at your blog and family pictures.


  22. sonja

    I love your pinkeep. I hope your baby is ok now.
    Thanks to add me to the list

  23. þetta er svo fallegt með svoooo fallegum litum.

  24. Jean DeHaven

    Linda, the pinkeep is beautiful!
    You finish everything so nicely. It will be a lovely gift for whoever is the lucky winner.
    Hope it is me!


  25. Þórhildur Sig.

    Alveg frábær vinnan þín, væri alveg til í að eiga eitthvað eftir þig 😉
    Vonandi batnar dótturinni fljótt og vel.
    Kv. Þórhildur

  26. Maggý

    Hæ skvís. Má ég vera með? Ég elska allt sem kemur frá þér.

  27. Linda,
    How beautiful and thoughtful! I would love to be entered! As for sick children, it must be going around…Miranda has an infection in her urinary tract and Tiago has an infection in both ears!!! Ugh!

    Happy Spring!


  28. Tracy Yandle

    It’s beautiful, great job and I love the colors.

    Tracy Y.

  29. Linda – this little pinkeep is just too cute. I have not tried to make one myself yet, so if I won it, it would be terrific. Hope your little one is doing better.


  30. Sigurlaug

    Þessi er æðislegur eins og allt annað sem þú saumar. Kveðja Sigurlaug

  31. Your pin keep is beautiful and I would love to win it =)

  32. Hey Sweetie,
    This is the cutest pinkeep!
    Please sign me in the drawing.

  33. Louise D

    Please include me in the drawing for the pinkeep. Your work is beautiful. I have visited your blog several times and am always in awe of your finishes.
    Louise in SC

  34. Pat C

    The pinkeep is beautiful….and such an unusual shape. The finishing really makes it.

  35. Oh please enter me in your drawing! I love this design, and your finishing is SO perfect!! 😀

  36. Irene

    Lovely pinkeep, please add my name to the list.

  37. Jan Lennie

    It’s lovely and so beautifully finished.Well done Linda

  38. Now how could I resist such an offer! : )

  39. Lavon

    The pinkeep is beautiful. I love the way you
    arranged the pins around the edge. 🙂

  40. Barbie

    I just found your blog last week and love it. You do beautiful work! Thanks for having this drawing. Barbie

  41. Hrönn

    Auðvitað langar mann að vera með. Þetta er æðislegt hjá þér Linda mín.
    Ég vona bara að litla dúllan nái sér fljótt.

  42. Margaret Chess

    Thank you for offering such a beautiful pinkeep to us readers. You’re so sweet to do it! Margaret

  43. Ég vil vera með. Ég er svo hrifin af býflugum.

  44. What a lovely pinkeep! I’d love to enter the drawing.

  45. michelle

    i am in pretty please 🙂 its beautiful

  46. That is so sweet! I love the pins on it too, wonderful job! Sign me up for your drawing.

  47. Pam

    It’s very pretty. Please add my name in your drawing.

  48. I’d love to have a piece stitched by you!!!

  49. Sheila

    Your pinkeep is very pretty, I also like your site, very pretty things. Please enter me.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better soon

  50. Vá, eins og allt sem þú gerir er þetta ofsalega fallegt! Og dugleg að klára þetta frá byrjun til enda á einum degi 🙂

  51. Sherry

    I hope the baby is feeling better! I would love to win such a beautiful treasure!
    ps Don’t give it to Colleen LOL

  52. Jóna

    Þetta er æðislega sætt og svo fallegur frágangur hjá þér alltaf :o)


  53. Guðbjörg

    Flott eins og ævinlega. Þú ert snilli


  54. Linda B

    Your work is beautiful!

  55. Debra

    I love your work! It would be so nice to have something you made.

  56. Cynthia

    Beautiful!! Life’s a Stitch!! Cynthia

  57. Valda

    Your pinkeep is beautiful! I hope your daughter is feeling better!


  58. Amy Miller

    I love it, your work is so pretty. Hope the baby feels better soon.


  59. Lynn

    What fun and a beautiful pinkeep! GREAT job!!

  60. Kate

    Beautiful work – hope that your baby is soon recovered

  61. Sandy Borjes

    It’s very pretty. You did a wonderful job. Please add my name in your drawing.

    Love and Hugs,


  62. Hi I love your blog and all the things you do, hope your baby is well soon, and of course I want to win the pinkeep, hugs, Estela

  63. Lita Hardy

    This is just soooo cute! It would be fun to win this little treasure and think of you each time I see it!


  64. The pinkeep is gorgeous, please put me in the draw. I hope your baby gets better soon.

  65. Oh my – the amount of the comments…phew. You surely have loads of readers! The finishing of your pinkeep is gorgeous and I would like to participated into your drawing.

  66. Robyn Walker

    WOW!!! Linda once again such a beautiful pin keep and so creatively finished too honey:)
    I hope your beautiful little cherub is feeling much better today!

  67. Beautiful stitching and finishing.

  68. It’s a beautiful pinkeep, can you enter my name in your drawing, please !


  69. I love this pinkeep. Count me in!

  70. I love your pictures. The children are absolutely angels. Have a good day.

  71. Aiste

    Vuhúúúú. Þessi er svo sætur… Serstaklega ”Buzzzzz”.


  72. Ég vil vera ,,memm”

  73. Björg

    Vá það eru aldeilis undirtektir elsku Linda 🙂 enda ekkert skrýtið, allt svo fallegt sem þú gerir. Vonandi að litla skvísan sé orðin betri og ég er vonandi hér með komin í pottinn…. en líkurnar fara að verða eins góðar og að vinna í lottóinu 😉 það eru svo margir komnir í pottinn.

  74. What a lovely pinkeep. Hope baby is feeling better.

  75. Lovely pinkeep. Count me in, please. Your blog and pictures make me giggle……cute children tooo.

  76. Me too. Me too. Maybe if I win I’ll be motivated to start stitching again!

  77. Oh, how darling. Please enter me in the drawing.

  78. Anja

    It is so beautiful !!!!
    I love this blog !!!! You are a good stitcher, I like your projects.
    Since a few weeks I visit your blog every day. It´s nice to read on your sides.
    I am a cross stitcher and a knitter from the north of Germany.
    Greetings from Anja

  79. Wow, 80 comments by far !! I´d love to have this gorgeous pinkeep too. Happy Stitching !

  80. Well heaven’s to Betsy…WAAAAYYYY down here on the bottom of the list I’m saying – “Me, me….may I enter too?” 🙂

  81. What a pretty pinkeep 🙂 I would love to enter the contest!

  82. Wohooo how many comments,-)) But you did a great job, I like the pinkeep:-))


  83. Kristen from MA

    Hi Linda,

    I’d love a chance to win this sweet pinkeep! Your finishing skills are so impressive.

  84. Anna Guðjóns

    Rakst á þennan skemmtilega saumaklúbb á netinu og kíkji af og til á hvað þið eruð ótrúlega myndarlegar í höndunum. Hef sjálf áhuga á saumaskap.
    Anna Guðjóns

  85. Hope you’re baby’s feeling better soon, it’s horrible when they’re so poorly.
    Please enter me in the draw to win such a beautiful pinkeep, just the thing I need for my desk here in Scotland! lol
    Thanks for the kind gesture

  86. Æðislegur…ætla að vera með í bingói:)

  87. What a lovely pin keep!!
    I was visited your blog from LHN & CNN yahoo group.I’m interesting your beautiful blog.

    From Japan

  88. Haske

    I love your stitching! I just don’t understand where you find the time to do so many things 😉 since my 2 daughters are there it is really difficult to find the time to stitch…

  89. Vaida

    I just love your blog! I’ve been visiting it for some time, to admire your nice works and wonderful finishes. And the pinkeep is just adorable!
    Greetings from Lithuania

  90. Melidna

    I love looking at your work! You know me we are in a couple of yahoo groups and when you had LJ I would come over there to. Take care!

  91. Barb

    Love the shape and design..What a wonderful idea of grouping the pins around the edge. Sure is elegant.
    Beautifull stiching.Congrats.


  92. Shay

    Linda, love the pinkeep and severaly other projects on your blog. I really enjoyed my surffing.

  93. Debra

    What a wonderful thing you are doing! Enjoyed looking thru your blog. One of these days I’m going to make one for myself.


  94. Maybee I’m the happy one who is the winner,maybee it’s you who read this..Whoever it is,she/he is going to be happy to get the most perfect embroidery.

  95. Rosalind

    Love the pinkeep! I have only made 2 and they don’t look like that:-)
    I will be in NYC in November for my BIL’s wedding. I think it is around the 15th. Would love to meet up with everyone if they are there at that time!


  96. Edy Fenster

    Darling Pinkeep….I should learn how to make these, and biscornus, your highness.

    Edy in NYC

  97. what a lovely pinkeep! definately springy 🙂 please enter me in your drawing.

  98. I love your blog Linda! Your stitching and finishing are absolutely stunning. I hope your baby is feeling better!

  99. Michelle Jadaa

    oooh just discovered you from the TGOSM yahoo group,i’m in ontario,canada and the only people i know around me that sew do quilting so i’m unusual as i knit ,cross stitch and do dressmaking.I’ve even tried lacemaking and tatting so a pin keep would be well loved LOL.
    nice to meet you:)…….michelle,canada.

  100. Joanne

    Such beautiful work! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Joanne in Canada

  101. Judy

    That is sure a lovely Pinkeep. Enjoyed browsing thru your Blog. Just start my first pinkeep. Sending Get Well Wishes for baby.

  102. ALe

    Beautiful pinkeep. I would like to enter in the drawing. I like your works!!

  103. Robyn

    Your stitching & finishing is as exquisite as ever!

  104. Pretty pinkeep! Hope your baby is now well.
    Please enter me in your draw

  105. Lauren

    The pinkeep is very pretty! I would love to have a chance to win it.

  106. Pingback: Second Prize « Litla Skvís

  107. Both are lovely:-) Please enter me in the draw!

  108. Hope you have a good weekend with your baby, you are a generous person, tanks, I love your link and visit it verry often, Estela

  109. Just found my way here! Great blog. Would love to win the beautiful pin keep or bisconu.
    Thank you!

  110. What a lovely Pinkeep Linda! And my compliments for your beautiful designs, it’s so nice of you to share your wonderful ideas :-}}

  111. Linda,
    Please, please, please draw my name, I would love to win that wonderful bee (get it: Bea – bee 🙂 pincushion.
    You do amazing work!
    Bea, Indiana

  112. Michelle

    This is so cute! I would love to win it or the other one you have just added!! Please add me to the drawing!

  113. Please add me as well! 🙂

  114. Brenda F

    It is lovely. Please enter me into the contest. You are very talented!

  115. What a beautiful pinkeep Linda and such a thoughtful and sweet gift! Please enter me in your drawing! Lovely stitching as always!

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