Spring Spell Whimzi Finish.

Last night I went to a stitching night at my friends Rósa’s house. It was wonderful to meet the girls and I even saw two new faces! My stitching group, Allt í Kross, is a Yahoo group for Icelandic people interested in stitching. I do not accept foreign members, not because I don’t want to, but because I want to keep the group as it is, for Icelanders only. Not everyone is comfortable in writing in English and there are so many other groups out there for people who can and do speak English. It is nothing personal, believe me 🙂
Many of the members do quilting, crochet, scrap booking, knitting, and other crafts also, but the main focus of the group is stitching. All crafts are welcome though 🙂 We currently have 62 members that are all over Iceland, in Norway, Denmark and the US. The only things we have in common is that we are Icelandic and we like stitching 🙂 I love my group, it is such a friendly place and you can always turn to them for advise being stitching related or personal. I have gained so many good friends from it I don’t even know where to begin.

Back to last night. I took two projects with me and ended up starting and finishing up this little cutie!

Spring Spell

Spring Spell by Just Nan
Whimzi Limited Edition

Spring Spell
And I just had to get a close up of this cute little chick! Isn’t he adorable?

Now I want to get the rest of the seasons done. It was a fast and enjoyable stitch. Oh, speaking of Just Nan… I just got Barnabee’s Bride in the mail on Wednesday! It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to start stitching it! Aiste and Guðbjörg from my stitching group also got one each so we are probably going to meet up for an evening/a weekend and stitch and finish it up together. I can’t wait!


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10 responses to “Spring Spell Whimzi Finish.

  1. Dagný Ásta

    bara segja þér það einusinni enn, þú ert ótrúleg 🙂

  2. Shay

    That is so cute. I’m add it to my wish list. LOL like it need more wishes.
    I love Just Nan and like you have Barnabee’s Bride. I haven’t started it yet because I want to have time to do it in one sitting. Also I haven’t finished the Blue Bird box yet.
    Shay, who has started her scissor case.

  3. It’s so PRETTY! And I love the little chick.. it’s just so cute.
    Love the biscornu too!
    Thank you for last night and I’m looking forward for tonight.

  4. Cute, Cute, Cute!!! 🙂

  5. Flott mynd. Það er svo margt flott frá Just Nan.
    Takk fyrir að stjórna svona frábærum saumaklúbbi.

  6. you are SO BRAVE to post a close up of your stitches.
    Very cute!

  7. Your group sounds just fantastic ! I love our local stitchers group Oups (in Yahoo too). It´s nice to have one group small and intime although others I join are mostly international. Nice finish you have again!!

  8. Thank you so much for last couple of nights.
    I enjoyed our time together.
    There is nothing better than a evening with a fellow stitcher and Cry Baby is a big plus on top of that 😉

  9. Oh, I love bunnies and this one is so beautiful, Linda!!! The colours are georgeous… love the close-up!

  10. PS: Sending lots of Healing {{{Hugs}}} to your daughter… I hope she is feeling better! 🙂

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