LHN Nature’s Beauty WIP

I have been stitching, but nothing that I can share yet. I did go to the post office today, so hopefully I will be able to share some of it soon. I can share my new WIP though. I am stitching Nature’s Beauty by Little House Needleworks.

Nature's Beauty WIP

I am loving it and haven’t stitched on anything else since I started. I am also going to stitch Schoolgirl Lessons by LHN again since that is one of the SAL patterns in the LHN/CCN Yahoo group for May. And since I had already stitched it, I decided to stitch it again in new colors. I think I have the fabric picked out, but not the thread yet.

My last day at my old job was last Wednesday so now I am only working at one place. I was so exhausted after working at two places for the past two months! I am very happy at my new place and things are going good!

Gotta run, babies need attention!


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11 responses to “LHN Nature’s Beauty WIP

  1. Great start! I love this chart from LHN and also love to read your blog…

  2. “And I fall a lot.”

    Me too! My best fall was down a flight of stairs in Poland.

  3. So Pretty! Love the colors!!

  4. KarenV

    Lovely start Linda!

  5. Nice progress…it’s a lovely design!

  6. Great start – lovely colours

  7. Looks pretty! Great start.

  8. What a beautiful project! I really like your blog too, your stitching is so lovely.

  9. Hlakka til að sjá meira af þessari mynd.

  10. Good that you are working in only one place, that really wears out a lot. I’m still working at two places, but at least the days I’m working at the university at nights has been cut down to three. Don’t you love to have all the spare time for the needlework?

    Lovely piece, hope to see it finished, is coming out great.

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