Productive weekend!

I had a very very productive weekend. I moved my daughters into my old bedroom and painted, bought furniture, assembled furniture (I LOVE IKEA!), cleaned, threw away tons of stuff etc. I am not done, I still have to finish the smaller bedroom for myself, but until I get the chance to do so, I am sleeping with the girls in the bigger bedroom. I have lost of more stuff to go through, clothes and toys, need to re-arrange the living room also etc. So yeah, even if I did a lot this weekend, I would have needed at least 2-3 more days without the girls here and with some helping hands to finish. I am going to ask my mom to come and help me sometime this week after work so that I can at least finish the girls new bedroom and empty the smaller bedroom and make it ready for paint. I can then paint some evening after the girls have gone to bed.
I thought you might like to see some pictures and here they are.

Bedroom before paint:

Bedroom before paint

Bedroom before paint

Bedroom after paint and the assemble of furniture:

Bedroom after painting etc.

I still have to decorate the walls with pictures and stuff of theirs. I still have to hang stuff to store some toys in. I still have to buy another rug for the floor, and night lamps for them etc. But it is getting there. The girls LOVE their new room and especially the bunk bed! Sumarrós is off course sleeping in the top one and they have very strict instructions that Karítas is NOT allowed to the top bed yet. They slept in their new room for the first time tonight and they went straight to sleep, no hassle! WOOHOO!

Thanks to Aiste and Rósa Tom for helping me out and keeping me sane this weekend! Thanks girls, I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I did finish one small stitching project over the weekend.

Stitcher's Roll

Stitcher’s Roll by Shepherd’s Bush

I still have to do the finishing, but I have another needleroll that also needs finishing so I will probably just do them both at the same time.

Last but not least. Two cute pictures of my girls wearing the masks that I bought in IKEA. They just looked like so much fun that I couldn’t help myself. And the girls love them.

Sumarrós the Dragon:

Sumarrós Dragon

Karítas the Bunny:
Kartas Bunny


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6 responses to “Productive weekend!

  1. That’s a pretty design. Looks so delicate. Gratz!

    Your girls look cute in those masks.

  2. Þú ert algjör dugnaðarforkur Linda mín.
    Herbergið lítur vel út og á bara eftir að verða flottara.
    Nálarúllan er geggjuð og stelpurnar auðvitað bara sætastar. Það vantaði bara mynd af þér með þína grímu hehe…

  3. Great decorating. Love the masks too, very cute!

  4. You have made a lovely job on the girls’ bedroom and they look so sweet in those masks

  5. Well, that’s a great job, and only during one weekend! And I love your needleroll. And the girls in masks look just cute :))

  6. I love the stitchers roll also your girls are so much fun… ;o) Knús á línuna.

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