Where do I begin?

In the order I saw them I guess. I have had great mail the last two days. Yesterday I got a package from Anna (no blog) as a part of a trade. She got some fabrics that I offered here last week, and she sent me threads, a magazine and a BUNCH of chocolate! Round is a shape right? LOL! Thanks Anna! She even included chocolate lolly pops for my girls!

From Anna

When I got home from work today, after a rather weird day at work, you know, just one of those days, I noticed not one but two packages! The first one I opened was a PIF gift from Carol! She stitched me a scissor fob from ‘Garden Alphabet’ by Prairie Schooler with my initial ‘L’ on it. It is so beautiful. I love it!

PIF from Carol

On the back she stitched our initials and the year.

PIF from Carol

She also included some extra goodies!

PIF from Carol

Thank you so much Carol! I love everything you sent, and it was a great reminder to get stitching on my own PIF gifts again. I have done two so far, but need to finish the rest 🙂
Next up is also a trade of fabrics since the other day. This is what I got from Monique:

From Monique

From Monique

32ct Linen and a design from her called ‘a little love’. Thanks Anna, Carol and Monique for making my day!


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4 responses to “Where do I begin?

  1. Hi Linda,

    Don’t you just love getting packages in the mail?
    It brightens any day and gets the heart pumping.
    It’s especially fun when you don’t know what’s in
    the package.

    It’s great that you’ve traded off fabric you might
    never use and got things that will be used in exchange. Lovely threads in gorgeous colours and yummy chocolates which for sure will not go to waste.

    Your home renovations are impressive and good
    for you to tackle them. That’s a lot of work but
    it’s looking good so far. No wonder the girls are thrilled.

    Carol stitches the loveliest little things and the scissor fob she made for you is so pretty. Love the ladybug and the tassel.


  2. WOW…
    I’m drooling over here!!!

  3. You are so welcome Linda! Glad you like it, as I had great fun stitching for you. The rest of your gifts are also very beautiful – what a great day you had! (I gotta get that My Mark design – love it!)

  4. I am going to cheat and comment once to cover several posts, :)…..
    Love the room! The furniture, paint, everything looks great! Like a fresh new start!
    The masks are so cute. They look comfortable too.
    Oh my, awesome stash and stitching! I especially love the little sampler you just finished up. Sooo nice.

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