More – more – MORE!

I am in stash heaven these days. I wish that you would get stash in the mail every single day! Heck, I would buy an extra house for it if I knew it would happen! LOL! Today when I got home I had a notice from the PO about a package waiting, so off I went and picked it up. Here is what I got:

Order from

Blackbird Designs – Buttons & Pins
Ewe & Eye & Friends – In The Pink
Ewe & Eye & Friends – Petite Exemplary #1
Ewe & Eye & Friends – Petite Exemplary #2
Ewe & Eye & Friends – Petite Exemplary #3
Ewe & Eye & Friends – Petite Exemplary #4
Country Cottage Needleworks – Garden Girl and Ladybugs and Bumblebees
La-D-Da – Miss Mary Mack
Thread from Crescent Colors and Gentle Art
32ct Belfast in Willow Green and Clay

Now to get stitching again! I have been so tired lately that I have hardly stitched at all! But I do plan on stitching tonight if my mom doesn’t show up to help me with the girls room 🙂


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7 responses to “More – more – MORE!

  1. I know that feeling!!!
    I wish I could get some stash everyday!
    But a couple of times a month and I’m happy 😉
    But I love LOVE LOOOOOOOVE your stash!!!

  2. Maybe you should dedicate a room before you buy a whole house! LOL. Great stuff–I love EE&F.

  3. asdiso

    Til hamingju með stashið.. Aldrei of mikið af því til!

  4. Hi Linda,

    Beautiful stash. Lots of pretty charts and threads.
    Don’t you just love to get things like this in the mail?
    Sort of feels like Christmas….except you have to pay for it first. Still, it’s exciting.

    Imagine a whole room in your home with storage space filled your favourite charts and threads and fabric and trims etc. (insert wistful sigh here).


  5. Kristen from MA

    Ooh, nice pile of stash! 🙂

  6. Nice stash!!! The thread colors looks delightful, and all the patterns are lovely. Have fun stitching!

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