Pinkeep exchange from Erla Björk!

Yesterday afternoon, while I was at work, my cell phone rang. It was Erla Björk and she asked if I could go outside just for a little while. I did and she handed me a package with this beautiful pinkeep. She has never made a pinkeep before, this is her first, and I am very happy to be the owner of it. It is perfect!

Pinkeep from Erla Björk

The fabric you can see is the backing fabric she used. Thank you so much Erla! I love my pinkeep!

And. Even more stash arrived yesterday!

From Down Sunshine Lane

Little House Needleworks – Home Of A Needleworker (Too!) (and the CC threads)
Little House Needleworks – Wool Needlebook and Fob
Little House Needleworks – My Needle’s Work (and the CC threads)
And two new scissors!


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8 responses to “Pinkeep exchange from Erla Björk!

  1. I´m so happy you liked it. I enjoyed making it for you.

  2. Geggjað flottur og mmmm new stash yummie.

  3. That is a beautiful pinkeep!

  4. Love your new stash!!

  5. Beautiful pinkeep. The colours are wonderful and I especially like how the pins are arranged.

  6. Zeena MacLean

    Can this pattern be bought? It’s lovely.
    Zeena It’s lovely

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