Good weekend coming to an end.

I wish tomorrow was Friday. LOL! I have had a great weekend with my daughters and I just don’t want it to end. I managed to get a little more work done on their room and put all the toys that were in the living room into their bedroom so now the living room is toy free apart from some books. I will move those into the bedroom when I have the shelfs for them. I have an idea on what kind of shelfs I want, but I haven’t seen them anywhere so maybe I will just have to make them myself. We will see. And I want the books to be accessible to them because kids need books. The more the better if you ask me.

Me and my girls

Today me and the girls went to my friend Rósa and our girls played together. She has two daughters, Þorbjörg Eyja who will be 4 in August, and Sóley Birta who is only 6 days younger than Karítas. Karítas will turn 3 September 14th and Sóley will turn 3 on September 22nd. Sumarrós is great around younger kids so she was put in charge of running around with them while me and Rósa chilled on a blanket in her yard. It was a sunny day and we had a lot of fun.

Kartas and Sumarrós

I took a bunch of pictures and you can see them all here if you want to 🙂 My favorite one is probably this one that Rósa took of me. I am Stephanie from Lazy Town going ghetto! Hahaha! Rósa gave me the Hedgehog pinkeep that she made for me and it is SO tiny and adorable! Thank you Rósa!

Now I am getting ready to do some late night stitching since the girls have gone to bed. I am getting very close on finishing Nature’s Beauty by LHN. I promised myself that I would finish it before starting Miss Mary Mack.


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4 responses to “Good weekend coming to an end.

  1. Thank you sweetie for the nicest day. I really enjoyed it.
    I’m really looking forward to see Nature’s Beauty finished and can’t hardly wait to see Miss Mary Mack stitched. I just love her.

  2. Hi Linda,

    My internet connection is playing up on me, so you may get two comments from me here. Or not. The first one may well be lost. Oh well.

    Looks like you and your girls had a wonderful day out. Isn’t it nice to finally have summer arrive, and be able to go out and enjoy the warm weather and the sunshine. Just hope it lasts.

    I love the Butterfly pin keep that your friend Erla made for you. This is her first pin keep?? Looks to
    me like she’s a pro already. It’s gorgeous!! I love the
    colour of the thread that she used and her stitches are
    perfect. What a wonderful surprise for you.

    I agree completely with your philosophy regarding kids and books. You can never have too many books…and cross stitch stash!


  3. Hi Stephanie, *smile*
    nice pics of you and your kids,-)) I always forget to make pics but I should because they are growing tooooo fast,-))
    And grats to your LHN finish, it looks great:-)


  4. Geggjaðar myndir og það var greinilega svakalega mikið stuð á ykkur.

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