There was a pretty strong earthquake here in Iceland about 2 hours ago. No casualties have been reported, only some property damage and minor injuries. My house shook and I could hear the glasses and plates in the cupboards shaking, but my home and us are in one piece. The people in the south of the country, in towns called Hveragerði and Selfoss (and surrounding towns) are asked to stay outside just in case. The earth is still trembling over there. Pictures fell of the walls, stuff from shelves etc. But like I said, there have been no casualties reported.

Read about it on CNN.
Read about it on BBC.

I know Earthquakes can be pretty scary and dangerous, but I have to admit that some weird part of me enjoys them. I like feeling the power of the earth and the force that lives in it. Now I am wondering if a volcano is about to erupt also. That is not unlikely, and specialists are keeping close watch on the active volcano’s.


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  1. I kind of felt that way when I lived in L.A. until I was helping a friend move out of Northridge (the epicenter in 1994). Every little aftershock–and I do mean little–freaked me right out! You have to respect nature. I’m glad you are safe.

  2. Oh thank heavens! I was going to email you when I got home from work later this afternoon! Glad you are safe – thank you for taking the time to let us know! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. so glad to hear everything is realitively ok! I’ve been in a few earthquakes over the years between living in Calif and Washington .. they are kinda interesting as long as no one gets hurt.

  4. Glad that you are okay! I know what you mean about a slight thrill when this kind of stuff happens. I LOVE thunderstorms, but I know many people are afraid of them. I think all of the weather and earthquakes, volcanoes, etc, remind us that we are not the ones in charge around here, lol.

  5. Oops! I sent you an e-mail before I checked your blog. Glad everything is okay! *hugs*

  6. Glad that your are okay and that there were no casualties. Natures Beauty is gorgeous, well done on finishing it.

  7. I’m glad that you and your family are Ok., here in Mexico we have earthquakes, and I don’t like theme, hugs, Estela

  8. Like you, I do like being reminded of Mother Nature’s awesome powers from time to tome… but no casualties please! Glad that you are okay!!

  9. Glad you are OK. Does Iceland get many of them?

    Wellington is New Zealand’s earthquake central. The biggest one I remember was about an 8 on the Richter scale, back in 2005. Most of our buildings are built with earthquakes in mind, so we don’t have too much property damage or loss of life.

    I don’t like any part of them, not even the gentle rocking sensations of the smaller ones. 🙂

    Stay safe!

  10. Glad you and your girls are ok 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness! Glad you’re okay. We had one in the UK about a month or so ago. xx

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