Night & Day finished.

I started this project on Friday and put the final stitches in it last night. It was super fast and fun. I will admit that I am now completely hooked on Little House Needleworks. Completely I say!

Night & Day by LHN
Fabric: 28ct Sugar Maple Fabrics called Angel Dreams
Threads: DMC
Translated to Nótt og Dagur (icelandic)

As you can see I made some changes to the pattern. First I translated the text to Icelandic, and since the letters don’t add up to the English ones, I had to change it around a bit. I am happy with the results 🙂 Now I need to figure out what to finish it into. Any ideas?



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24 responses to “Night & Day finished.

  1. Æðisleg mynd, rosalega skemmtilegt, og flott að þú sért með textan á íslensku.

  2. So fine! So purdy! Love the fabric. Can’t wait to see it in RL.

  3. Irene

    Lovely finish !

  4. Personally I think it screams pinkeep! But I say that about everything! LOL!

    I think your changes are perfect Linda! Nice Job!

  5. Aiste

    Yeah, I agree that it would be nice pinkeeper!!!!
    And it is great picture! As always…..

  6. Lovely finish! I love the way how you personalized it and translated the words into Icelandic. Well done!

  7. Beautiful work !! I vote for pinkeep too. 🙂

  8. Vá hvað þetta er flott. Ég er líka gjörsamlega fallin fyrir þessum hönnuði.

  9. Wonderful stitching! I think you should make it into a little pillow to hang from a door knob in your house.

  10. I’d say pinkeep too! You are so fast. Those fingers must be burning. xx

  11. I love how it turned out Linda. Nice job.

  12. Lovely and I like how you changed it to suit you! As for the finishing, what about a hanging for the doorknob to greet you at night and day?!

    Good luck ~ I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  13. Very pretty finish, congratulations!

  14. Wow, that is beautiful! I love the changes you made! 🙂

  15. I think YOU, not your mom, should sew it into a little pillow! 🙂

    It looks great. I am sure you will turn it in to something awesome.

  16. Lovely finish!! I like the changes you made 🙂 I think it would look great as a flat fold!

  17. Beautiful finish – congratulations! I am another LHN addict. The more I do them, the more I like them.

  18. This is wonderful! I love it!

  19. Rosalega flott mynstur.

  20. It’s beautiful, great work! Oh and I hope your foot will be better soon.

  21. Hi,
    this is my first visit to your beautiful blog .

    I’m also an LHN addict fan,Love this Night and day rich colours. Beautiful finish 🙂

  22. all Yours works are so sweet, nice and very beautiful:)

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