Foot update.

Just came back home from the ER since I was getting really restless from pain at work. And yup, it is broken. The little bone on the top of the leg that comes down from my little toe is broken. It has a big crack in it  that is about 2-3cm long. I do not have a cast or anything, the doctor said that it wasn’t that bad but I just have to be careful not to hit it into anything since the bones haven’t shifted or anything like that. And I can walk, so not all is bad. Thanks for the well thoughts. I am at my parents house and they are helping me with the girls as long as my foot is as painful as it is now.


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17 responses to “Foot update.

  1. I hope your foot heals quickly, and that while it’s healing, you get lots of stitching done! As for finishing Night and Day, perhaps a cube? I learned how to do them on Vonna’s blog, and they’re so easy and quick. No sewing needed, which is good for a non-sewer like me.

  2. Vona að fóturinn batni fljótt og vel!
    Sendi góða strauma

  3. YIKES, take care…that sounds painful and the prior picture of your wee tootsie made me want to cry!

  4. Good thoughts for a speedy recovery! As if I know anything about that! 😉

  5. Björg

    Æ, æ, æ Linda mín. Ekki lítur fóturinn vel út, en vonandi jafnar þetta sig fljótt og vel.
    Við afi Númi vorum líka í Fljótshlíðinni um helgina. Fórum með hjólhýsið og heimsóttum vinafólk okkar á Hvolsvelli. Þau hjónin eru bæði úr Fljótshlíðinni og keyrðu okkur víða um Hlíðina. Veðrið var alveg yndislegt á laugardaginn, eins og sést vel á myndunum þínum. Það hefði nú verið sniðugt að rekast á þig þarna. Við fórum nú ekki á ball um kvöldið, en skemmtum okkur hið besta við drykki, spil og spjall og enduðum nóttina á að fara í góðan göngutúr fyrir svefninn.

  6. So sorry to hear about your foot! I did the same thing 30 years ago when I was 8 months pregnant with my son. I tripped over my daughter’s tricycle and hit it so hard with my right foot that I broke the small bone in my foot that is right beside the bone that you broke. It was extremely painful and since I waited a several hours before I went to the Emergency ward and the fact that I was pregnant to boot, the Dr. put a walking cast on it. I had to keep the weight off for 48 hours for the cast to dry so had to walk with crutches. Not fun, trying to look after a very active 2 year old. 3 days later, the Dr. had to reapply the cast as the swelling had gone down and the cast was too loose. I then spent another 48 hours on crutches! 3 weeks later the cast came off, then 10 days past his due date, my son arrived.

  7. =( I am sorry to hear that you are in pain. Feel better soon!! *hugs*

  8. Ooh you poor thing. Oh well, only one thing for it – feet up and lots of stitching to take your mind off the pain! Hope it mends soon.

  9. I hope that the pain eases for you and that your foot heals quickly.

  10. Oh dear that foot looks pretty sore. I went over on my foot once and it went completely black and swollen. I think I probably did break a bone but stupidly never got it checked out. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe a little online shop to cheer yourself up???? xx

  11. Get plenty of rest and stitching in! Pick a special project to make a happy memory from breaking your foot =)

  12. Kristen from MA

    Sorry about your foot, Linda. Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Ouch – your foot looks painful. Hope it recovers really soon.

  14. helgabk

    Ái, mikið vona ég að þú hafir ekki verki með þessu lengur og verðir fljót að jafna þig. Gott að foreldrar þínir hafi getað hlaupið undir bagga með þér.
    Knúsur, Helga

  15. Sorry to read about your accident – I hope your foot heals really fast!

  16. I hope your foot heals quickly! (((HUGS)))

  17. Monique

    Oh dear… I sure hope you are out of pain soon! I just tagged you on my blog, but you can sit down to do it 😉

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