Great Weekend in Copenhagen.

This last weekend I spent in the lovely capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, with my co-workers. The seven women working with me in the financial department at work decided to get away for a while to load our batteries for the busy season this summer. We left very early on Saturday morning and landed in CPH at about noon. Checked into our hotel and left our luggage at our rooms. We then walked to a coffee house close to Stroget, the main shopping street, and had a small lunch since we were all hungry after the flight (I slept the whole time thankfully). I had delicious soup with chicken, curry, apples and other yummy things. We then all split up (there is no way to keep 7 shopping thirsty women together in a place like that!) and decided to meet back up at 5pm. I headed straight for H&M like a true Icelander (we don’t have H&M here) and while I was there my friend Ási called me (he just moved to CPH) and decided to come and meet me there. I did some shopping for me but I was not happy with the kids department since I didn’t find a single thing that I wanted to buy for my girls. They don’t really *need* anything, it just would have been fun to find a little something there for them. Most of what I got was on sale (50-70% off) so I got a lot of nice things for little money. Me and Ási walked around, bought some cherries and sat down to eat them and chat a little. He had to work at 5pm so I went back and met the girls. We went to the hotel and got ready for dinner.
We had amazing Japanese food at Custom House. 6 courses and some red and white wine to go with it. We were so full after eating and it was so incredibly good! After dinner everyone went back to the hotel but me, I went to meet up with Ási and my other friend Hjalli who also lives in CPH. We went to a bar and drank beer, talked, danced and had a great time! I hadn’t seen Hjalli in 2 years so it was wonderful to see him again! I walked back to the hotel at about 5am and was voted the party animal of the trip! LOL!

We checked out of our hotel at noon on Sunday and since our flight home was at 11pm we had a lot of hours to spend walking around. We had a little more beer, did a little more shopping, sat at Nyhavn and laughed and looked at the pretty danish men. I joked about having found the man of my dreams. He was our waiter at a place we had lunch at and he was just oh so gorgeous! I wanted to take him home with me! LOL! We had late dinner at the airport and a pleasant flight home. I was back home in my apartment at about 2am and went to bed soon after that and had to be at work between 8 and 9am. I was so tired at work yesterday and today! The weekend was awesome though. I have only been to CPH once before and I am sure I will be going there as soon as I can, I just love the city (not just because of the beautiful men!). I didn’t bring my camera with me, but a co-worker had hers so I will share pictures when she e-mails them to us. I will share with you a picture that I took out in the garden today while playing with my girls. I am wearing my HUGE sunglasses that I bought in CPH. I love them!


My foot is so much better! I stopped limping on Sunday (I think all the walking actually did me a lot of good) but I am still bruised. There are some movements that are still pretty painful, but nothing like how I used to feel! Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes, they obviously worked!

I bought my girls some cool bubble blower thingys and they just love them! We went out in the garden when we got home today and they blew thousands of bubbles with their thingys. There are some pictures here that I took today.

Sumarrós and Kartas

Yesterday I got the new LHN charts ‘The Rain Fell’ and ‘Embroidery Guild’ in the mail with the CC threads and fabric.

New stash!

I can’t wait to start ‘The Rain Fell’. I think it is probably my favorite LHN design so far! I am doing the smalls sal in my LHN group but I haven’t started my piece yet. I have decided what to stitch, and how to finish it, I just need to pull my threads out and find a suitable fabric and stuff 🙂

I hope your weekend was wonderful! I am trying, slowly, to catch up on my blog reading! I am always reading, even if I don’t comment much. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments, I love each one of them!


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6 responses to “Great Weekend in Copenhagen.

  1. Jes

    i’m new in the LHN yahoo group, a LHN fan and can’t wait to stitch “The Rain Fell” too. Great stash you got. Nice fabric colour you have chosen for the projects.

    Your girls are very lovely. Looks lotsa fun playing in the garden. And you certainly looks cool with your new sunglasses.


  2. First, your girls are so beautiful.

    I’m so glad your foot was well enough to go on a trip. But I cannot for the life of me imagine spending a weekend with my coworkers. You are really lucky to have great people to work with!

    Love the glasses.

  3. Really you have wonderful weekend in Copenhagen.
    Your girls are very pretty 🙂
    I love your blog very much, especialy your biscornu super.
    LHN choises are great.
    Best regards

  4. LOVE your sunglasses!!! I want them ;-p
    Love your stash also.. I’m going to get the Rain Fell when I make my next order.
    Love the photos from the garden, Looks like you girls had lot of fun.
    Love ya and miss ya, Hugs

  5. The weekend in Copenhagen sounds just 100 per cent fun. I’m even a bit jealous – I love CPH (spent there half a year studying), love Denmark and the feeling of safety and relaxation, that is always surrounding you in that country… And it’s nice that your foot is getting better!
    The girls are so happy, maybe I should try to find something similar for mine too :).
    Your LHN choice is wonderful! Cannot wait to see the result.

  6. I LOVE your blog and you works!
    Great LHN choise! I have just finished “The Rain Fell” and it was very fun stitching it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!:)

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