Little House Needleworks – Smalls SAL

In the LHN/CCN yahoo group we have very fun SAL projects every six weeks or so. For this period we are having a Small’s SAL. You take a portion of whatever LHN/CCN design you like, and stitch it. I decided to finish mine up as a small mattress pincushion. I love it. It is so cute and tiny!

Mattress Pincushion

Pattern: Wool needlebook and scissor fob by Little House Needleworks
Threads: DMC
Fabric: 36ct ‘Vintage Pear’ from Lakeside Linens
Finished as a: Mattress Pincushion

I started this one yesterday and finished it up this morning. Later today (in about an hour) we are going to be celebrating Sumarrós’s birthday (she turned 9 years old on June 14th, why is my baby so big?) for her friends at school. We are celebrating at her fathers house as he has a big garden and we are having a barbeque with hot dogs and then some ice cream.

Tonight we are going to an outdoors concert with Björk, Sigur Rós and Ólöf Arnalds. It is free and is a nature awareness show. Fantastic artists and a good cause, no way I will miss it!


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6 responses to “Little House Needleworks – Smalls SAL

  1. So so pretty!!!
    I love it.. I can’t wait to see it in RL.
    Have fun today sweetie.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Your weekend in Copenhagen sounds like a blast!
    Now there’s someplace I’d love to visit and
    explore. Wish Canada was a wee bit closer to
    Europe. I’d never be home! Lol!

    Glad to hear that your foot is getting better and
    you’re able to walk normally, and without pain.
    Guess all that dancing and walking was just what
    the doctor ordered.

    Your LHN piece made into a mattress finish is
    so sweet. I love LHN sheep. They’re so fluffy.

    Happy birthday to Sumarros!


  3. Your mattress pin cushion looks great!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet little Sumarrós!

  4. Really sweet LHN mattress pincushion!

  5. That’s such a sweet finish. I think LHN designs make adorable finished needlework smalls, don’t you?

    I hope the birthday party is full of fun for everyone! 😀

  6. The Iceland tourist bureau sent me a message that they’ll be broadcasting this concert on their website. Maybe I’ll scan the crowd for you!

    Happy Birthday to your lovely girl!

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