Floss toss!

I need your help. I have ordered the amazing new chart from Little House Needleworks called Little House Neighborhood. I just love it, I can’t wait to stitch it. I plan on stitching it as charted, but I might make some minor changes with the floss. Swap out a DMC for a pretty hand dyed one for one of the houses, or for the leaves on the trees etc.

Little House Neighborhood

Today I pulled out some fabric that I have on hand and that I think I would like to use for this project. The thing is, I like them all and can’t pick one out! So that’s where you come in. What do you think would look best?

Nr.1 – 36ct Raw Linen

Fabric #1 for Little House Neighborhood

Nr.2 – 32ct unmarked Belfast from my stash. The color is silve/gray, very pretty.

Fabric #2 for Little House Neighborhood

Nr.3 -32ct Light Mocha Belfast

Fabric #3 for Little House Neighborhood

Nr.4 – 36ct Linen ‘Days Gone By’ from Silkweavers

Fabric #4 for Little House Neighborhood

I think my favorites as of now are the ones #1 and #4 but honestly, I like them all and I am very confused as to what to pick! So, HELP! Please tell me what you think would look best.


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29 responses to “Floss toss!

  1. I absolutely love #3, the light mocha Belfast! I picked my fabric last night and am using clay cashel linen (28 count). When we were stationed overseas, I found a shop that carried loads of linen quarters, mostly the cashel linen and have so many pieces in my stash that I need to use. I looked at the pearl Barley at my LNS and I think that the clay is very close in color.

  2. I don’t embroider at all- but I really liked #1! Loved your little sheepy pincushion from last post too:-)
    Have a great summer!

  3. I vote for #4. Pretty fabric. :o)

  4. Sue

    Hmm, I like # 3 the best, followed closely by #1, but overall I think they’d all look good, so go with the one that appeals to you the most to work on, especially as it is a larger piece so you’ll be working on it awhile.

  5. Kristen from MA

    I like # 1 the best, (I love raw linen) but I think any of them would look nice. (This chart is a ‘must-have’ for me, too. It’s just stunning!)

  6. suzann

    I vote for #4 as I feel it gives it a softer look – not as much contrast and it just speaks to me. (yes, I’m a dork)

  7. Jes

    Looking forward to check out your progress on this project.
    Happy Stitching 🙂

  8. Estela

    I love # 4 it looks great!!!, Estela

  9. Oooooo, Linda…. quite a challenge to pick just one, but the one that grabbed me and won my heart was #4. The more I looked, the better it got, and I LOVE it!

    This is quite a project, and I can’t wait to get my chart so I can do the same floss toss. What fun!

  10. #4 I really love the fabric color of that one.
    Barb in TX

  11. I really like number four.

    Sounds like you had a great week-end away.

  12. I like no. 4, but think they’d all be good choices.

  13. 3 or 4, maybe 4 though they are all pretty

  14. I vote for #4. #1 looks a bit too greyish, and I like #4’s brownish vintage shade. It would make the project look “warmer”.

  15. Anja

    I vote for #3 , because it looks a little bit more elegant than #4. I love #4, but I took that for “Under The Prairie Moon” because it is more “rustic”.

    Yes, #3 is the best.
    Best wishes from Germany

  16. All are nice but my favorite is No. 4!

  17. 3 and 4 are my favorites! 🙂

  18. #3, hands down. Love the colour. Have fun stitching!

  19. I like #3. I think the colors pop the most on it!

  20. I like #3 too. Light Mocha is one of my favorite linen colors! 🙂 But whatever you choose it will be beautiful!! 🙂

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