Stash from Little House Needleworks and sickness.

I got a package yesterday and today in the mail, both containing new and exciting stash!

Little House Needleworks Stash

‘Quilting’ the first of four in the Little Women Series Threadpacks
Little House Neighborhood

I started ‘The Rain Fell’ from LHN yesterday. I needed a little pick me up so it was perfect. I haven’t gotten much done, haven’t had the focus to really stitch, but I will post an update soon.

My little Karítas is sick with the Chicken Pox so we stayed home today. She is such a good little sick baby. She has a fever and is feeling quite uncomfortable but she is so sweet. Oh how much I love these little persons in my life.


One more thing. People around me are going through some rough times and in some ways, these difficulties affect me. I will be fine, I just need to figure a couple of things out and get my head straight. My daughters really help without knowing that they do. They give such endless love to me. I am so thankful for them 🙂


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11 responses to “Stash from Little House Needleworks and sickness.

  1. I hate it when babies are sick 😦 Poor thing. I hope you are both feeling better soon. *BIG HUG*

  2. I hope that your daughter get better quickly. I too love the love that you get from your children, pure and unconditional.

  3. Hi Linda,

    Poor little Karitas. Hope she gets over those nasty
    chicken pox soon and doesn’t suffer too much.
    That picture of her is so sweet. Such lovely big eyes
    she has.

    If you’re still looking for opinions for the fabric to
    stitch the newest LHN Neighbourhood on I’ll add
    my 10 cents worth and say that I like #4 the best.
    I love this design too. Oh heck….I love just about
    everything that LHN does.

    Your little sheep scissor fob is too sweet. One can
    never have too many sheep, I find.

    Hope things settle down for you and work out for
    the best for those around you. Sending you many
    good thoughts and best wishes, always.


  4. Estela

    Hope she will be well soon, and you have reazon the love of our kids is the must great thing in the world, they love us uncondicionaly, and us like mother do the same, they are the treasures of our life, Estela

  5. I hope your little girl gets well soon, and that the rest gets sorted out too. What lovely new stash!

  6. Love your new stash! I’m so sorry your baby is sick! 😦 That is the worst!

  7. Get well soon Karitas.

    She is a very beautiful little girl.

    Great stash

  8. I’m sorry Karitas is not feeling well but that picture of her is just so sweet.

    Nice stashing!

  9. Hope she gets better soon. Nice stash haul. xx

  10. The picture of your daughter is exquisite! I had to keep going back and looking at it – it looks professional! I have a daughter but I must say – your’s is the next prettiest girl I’ve seen!!!

    I love your needlework! I’m so interested in your country. My son has traveled around the world so he peaked my interest.

    I’m new to blogging and hope you and your friends will visit my site. I’m doing a Pay It Forward so if you’re interested – sign up!
    I hope your little one is up and about soon. Chicken pox was one of the worst things my kids every endured.

  11. I hope your sweet little girl is getting better!!! These new patterns from LHN are so beautiful!

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